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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I Thought My Comment On A Post Would Be Worthy Of A Post?

Satterfield said his numbers were conservative, (6-10") and other reports were saying much more, he said. He also said WE were in the very heart of the major portion of what will fall from this storm.

While WBOC likes to claim it is very difficult to predict ALL weather forecasts here, Salisbury News is going to continue to call them out as PROFESSIONALS being PAID to bring us proper expectations. ESPECIALLY on a local level.

Mr. Draper, perhaps you could save a couple million by simply using what the Weather Channel delivers because your reputation is dwindling like the Daily Times.

While we're at it, are you going to report on the hanging in Salisbury, or do you prefer to cover up such stories because it hurts too many Liberals to see such a thing? Remember Vietnam? Remember the broadcasts back then. Remember the citizen in China being run over by the TANK? I'd bet quite a bit you broadcasted that back in the day and that was a suicide. But when it happens in SALISBURY, OH MY, NOOOOO! Did WBOC cover Whitney Houston or her Daughter???

I'm starting to believe the local black community is right.


Anonymous said...

I have an even 6" on Zion Rd by the Centre Mall which is north, not center...

Anonymous said...

Local TV meteorologists are pretty much just talking heads. They get their information from the same sources most of us do, but they know how to present before a camera and use the little clicker thing.