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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Maryland Court To Consider Lawsuit Cap

PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. (WJZ)–The outcome of a case under consideration by Maryland’s highest court could have a major impact on all lawsuits brought against local governments, especially lawsuits brought by families of those wrongly killed by police.

Derek Valcourt has the details.

When Manuel de Jesus Espina was shot and killed by a Prince George’s County Police CPL Steven Jackson in 2008, the officer was never criminally charged.

Instead, a civil jury found he acted with malice and awarded the victim’s family $11.5 million.

But thanks to a 27-year-old Maryland Law, Prince George’s County will only have to pay her $400,000 for his death.



Anonymous said...

Pretty much all recent cases have been deemed justified,but 11.5 is ridiculous.$400,000 is more like it,especially when taxpayers are footing the bill.

Anonymous said...

So, there's no accountability of the LEO - they just want us to trust them!

A couple hundred years ago, we told the king of england to take a hike - this being included in the reasoning.....our current self-proclaimed king is looking towards the same outcome......

Anonymous said...

maybe they should sue the kops personally! hold them accountable for their actions.

JoeAlbero said...

8:07. Man, your hatred towards Police Officers is unreal.

IF you want to resolve ALL issues with lawsuits, do exactly like Canada does.

If you LOSE, YOU have to pay the attorney fees for the other party, PERIOD!

That will put an immediate end to all BS lawsuits.

So why won't this happen in AMERICA, because the majority of Politicians in Office are LAWYERS and they want to protect their profession and Americans are so stupid they keep voting for these Idiots.

And why is that, because the LIBERAL educational system doesn't TEACH their students the TRUTH and or FACTS about how America is run.

Keep dumbing them down Mr. President and Congress. My guess is that in 20 years you'll be the first to be targeted.

Anonymous said...

Seems a little light to me.
If a person is unjustifiably killed by another, the payout should be at least the amount the person would have earned for the rest of his or her life, plus the amount of retirement benefits and social security payouts. And speaking of social security payouts, the U.S. government should refund the amount paid by the deceased to his or her survivors if he or she had not received any S.S. benefits up to the time of death. S.S. burial benefit can be deducted from that refund amount.

Anonymous said...

8:07 ....I agree and disagree. It really should depend on the out come of investigations.

Anonymous said...

If a cop is held accountable he may think better. If they know they don't have to pay the dept will.....then they may care a Lil less. I believe the dept should be liable not the officer. Unless the officer is charged and found guilty. Then the officer should have to pay, liquidate if need be.

Anonymous said...

That jury is a bit.......! From criminal to civil. Officers , it ain't no fun to be a rabbit in front of the gun.