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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

REALLY??!? Vets believe a seal pup was attacked by other seals because of its color calling it ‘a racist attack’

Teh stoopid – it burns. Excuse me while I clean up the blood coming from my eyes over this. What utter crap. I feel for the little seal pup, but he was more likely treated the way he was because he was sick. I’ve never heard of racism in the wild. Just more propaganda for the soft-hearted, mushy masses. Look! Racism is everywhere now – even in the wild! Quick! Someone doooo something!! Animals attack young ones for a whole myriad of reasons, many of which we don’t understand. I highly doubt being black was one of them though.

From the Daily Mail:

Vets believe a black seal pup beaten up, bullied and abandoned by its family and other seals was a victim of racist attacks.

The two-week-old pup had an ulcerated eye and a variety of scar wounds believed to have been inflicted by other seals that were wary of his different appearance.

The rare-coloured seal was found on the Scilly Isles and is now recuperating at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

The pup was named ‘Badger’ because he is coloured similarly to a U.S. comic book super hero named The Badger.

The jet black pup appeared traumatised by his experiences in the wild.

Tamara Cooper, the sanctuary’s animal care team supervisor, said: ‘When he arrived he had an infection and was struggling to feed himself.

‘He was very shaken up and we had to put him on a course of antibiotics and ensure that we gave him lots of TLC.

‘Soon the pup started to recover and we discovered that he was a lovely animal.

‘We chose the theme of superheroes for the names of all our rescued pups this winter and Badger just seemed the perfect choice for our all-black newcomer.’

Black seal pups are a rare occurrence with the majority of seal pups being a shade of white or light grey.

Tamara added: ‘When he moulted his infant coat the coat beneath was inky black.

‘Black pups are very rare in the south of England and are more usually found among the Scottish population.

‘We haven’t had a black pup in our care since 2007 so we love being able to have this opportunity to care for him.’



Anonymous said...

Liberals need racism.

Anonymous said...

Although I find it ridiculous to classify this as racism, the animal kingdom isn't always kind to others they perceive as different.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry little seal... Sharpton is en route!!