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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lawsuit digs to unearth Obama’s ‘enemies list’

'A terrible record in respecting the First Amendment rights of journalists'

Does Barack Obama have an “enemies list?”

If so, what does he do with the list, and who is on it?

These are some of the questions raised in a lawsuit by Judicial Watch and award-winning journalist Sharyl Attkisson.

The complaint alleges the Department of Justice and the White House monitored Attkisson, who worked for CBS News and now reports independently, because of her investigations into the Fast and Furious scandal.

Attkisson filed suit after the federal government essentially ignored requests to turn over information it had collected on her.

The Justice Department’s Fast and Furious sting operation facilitated the sale of weapons to illegal straw buyers in an attempt to trace the weapons to Mexican drug cartel leaders and arrest them. An estimated 2,000 weapons were part of the operation, but only about one-third were recovered, and no high-level cartel figures were arrested. One of the guns tracked by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was found at the scene of the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in December 2010.


1 comment:

ginn said...

After the 8 to 1 Supreme Court vote against our 4th Amendment one has to wonder why waste the money to even file suit? It's obvious that some liberal POS federal judge is going to rule on the case and we all know what that means.
Our justice system is in a shambles and is as dishonest and deceitful as our gov't or LE is. Justice is no longer blind, it's up for bid to the highest bidder.