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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Protesters Block California Bridge In Oakland, Throw Explosives At Police Officers

A protest by Berkeley students and Oakland residents on a highway bridge in Northern Oakland tonight came to an end after protesters throw explosives at police officers.

One protester was injured when he failed to obey directions to leave the area. A member of the California Highway Patrol gave him a gift to remember him by.

The “explosive” response from protesters has ratcheted up what has already been two days of violent protests in Oakland and the areas surrounding Berkeley which prompted an equally explosive police response tonight.



Anonymous said...

I guess they don't teach reading comprehension at Berkeley...

Anonymous said...

They should have been appropriately arrested for obstructing traffic.

Protesting is OK - obstructing others freedoms is not!

Anonymous said...

Typical for them... domestic terrorism. Liberal Cali lawmakers will make sure they're not charged though.