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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Exit Poll: Voters Favor a GOP Nominee to Hillary in 2016

Midterm voters delivered their verdict on President Barack Obama when they handed the Republican Party an historic win on Tuesday, and it appears they also are inclined to back the GOP in the 2016 presidential election.

According to the NBC News national exit poll, 40 percent of voters said they would choose any unnamed Republican nominee over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, compared to 34 percent who said they would choose Clinton. Twenty-four percent said it would depend on who is running.

Clinton also came in behind a hypothetical GOP candidate in two of the pivotal presidential swing states. In Florida, 36 percent of voters said they would choose the Republican compared to 32 percent who would choose Clinton. In Ohio, the spread was similar at 36 percent compared to 32 percent.

Nevertheless, Clinton came out on top when voters were asked whether she would make a good president. Forty-three percent of midterm voters agreed.

"She can take solace in the fact that this percentage is higher than for any of four potential 2016 Republican candidates also asked about," said.


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just maybe the next year will proove we need someone new