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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Voters Trust Republicans to Stop Obama – Will the GOP Listen?

The biggest takeaway in this second historic midterm shellacking of President Obama’s tenure is how much executive lawlessness, recklessness, and incompetence upset voters, across party lines. As I argued in Faithless Execution, although there is insufficient political support for impeaching the president, executive maladministration is a very powerful political issue. We saw that last night.

Voters may want Obama out of office, but they do not want him removed from office. They want him reined in. They want normalcy: a relief from constant crisis that involves a restoration of strong American leadership in the world (which would have a sobering effect on enemies who are now emboldened), and a return to regular governance at home – not monarchical directives to fundamentally transform the country by, for example, unilaterally purporting to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens when over 90 million Americans are out of the workforce.

That being the case, the worst thing Republicans could do is cut a lame-duck deal with the very Democrats the voters have just ousted and the very president the voters have just rebuked to fund through the end of next year the very agenda the voters have just rejected. If they cut the deal, they surrender the constitutional authority to do what voters have entrusted them to do.



Anonymous said...

No I want him out of office .

ginn said...

"..the worst thing Republicans could do is cut a lame-duck deal with the very Democrats the voters have just ousted.."

This is EXACTLY how I feel about that too, Andy.
I think Democrats are going to have to look long and hard before the come out against bills & proposals the new Republican controlled Congress will, hopefully, be channeling through their chambers.

"..voters... .. elected them to stop Obama."
Again, Mr. McCarthy and I agree, totally. Stop this POS before it's 'absolutely' too late.

Anonymous said...

Nothing you can do about that anymore. Move on.

Anonymous said...

I hope that in two years we still have a country. I also suggest that for the first time in history we remove any and all evidence from textbooks and all that this SHAM was ever our president. Furthermore that it be a crime to ever mention the name.

Obama Crooked Bastardo said...

Lets's not forget THIS OBAMA'S ADMINISTRATATION HAS BEEN HIDING THE TRUTH, DECEVING AND LYIMG FOR YEARS. There has been more than 300 bills send from the House to the Senate and those bills have stopped on Harry Reid's desk and were never even brought to the floor of the Senate - dissapeared in Harry's Shredding Machines, and Democrat majority never allowing for public to see the truth about all those scandals and many more. So, NOW ITS THE TIME TO UNCOVER TRUTH AND START IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS AND FOLLOW THE PRINCIPLE OF LAW.THE LAW OF THE LAND IS THE SAME FOR YOU AND ME AND Barry Obama, Eric Holder. Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Lois Lerner and many more. DO NOT CUT ANY DEALS AND HOLD THEIR FEET TO THE FIRE.

Anonymous said...

They have 4 years to prove themselves.