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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

O'Reilly on America's Race Problem


Anonymous said...

Truth is, he tells it like it is. It is indeed a culture issue. It also is that Democrats have enslaved black people with welfare in order to gain their votes.

Anonymous said...

He nailed it!

Between the dumbocrats clamoring for ongoing votes by giving money to them, the entertainment industry glorifying their abhorrent behavior, their ongoing incivility, and their unwillingness as a group to improve their own standing - that culture is doomed to fail in perpetuity!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Now but it oN B.E T

Anonymous said...

Known racist give comments on racial problems in america.. all this black people this and black people that..please get over your self.. the actions of a group people dont define the mind frame of the whole race.. Does honey boo boo represent the mindframe of white america? Or does every white person poke wholes in their bedroom sheets and go burn down a cross..