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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Occupation Forces

When I was growing up in Berlin, after the war (World War II), we lived in the American sector and the American soldiers were everywhere—on the streets, in the cafes. No one wanted them there, but whenever we made disparaging remarks, our own authorities tell us we must not do this. They tell us the Americans can do what they like and we just have to accept it. So, we stop using the words, “Yankee” and “American.” They are the occupying forces, just like the Romans were at one time, so, amongst ourselves, we refer to them as “the Romans.” So, we talk freely in the cafes about the “Romans” and the American soldiers don’t know that we mean them.

The snippet above was from taken from a conversation I had recently in a café with Klaus, a German who is now in his late sixties. He had a long career as a pilot for the German air force and had been stationed in many countries. In spite of his own career as an “occupier,” he never got over the resentment he had for the occupation of his homeland by American troops. (Berlin was occupied from 1945 to 1994.)

The US is unique in the world with regard to occupation. It has been estimated that the US has over 325,000 military personnel in over 1,000 overseas military bases in more than 150 countries, but statistics are widely conflicting.

Generally, the American troops arrive to deal with some sort of conflict (either invited or uninvited), but unlike most other armies, they tend to remain for a long time beyond the stated “need.”

There are those who praise this policy, stating that the US “keeps the world safe for democracy;” however, the US is known (at least to us outsiders) as a country that typically routs elected governments, installs corrupt and ineffectual puppet leaders, and seeks to control the occupied country as a satellite state.

There are three major downsides to this policy:



Anonymous said...

Yes they keep restricting our access to weapons and increase the number and pay of the police. The police can't protect us they can only react after the fact. Only you can protect yourself and home. The police didn't keep that store owner from getting robbed in ferguson. All they did was make matters worse by killing that guy, even though he deserved it. Barney Fife thought he could break bad on a young tough got his butt handed to him and then had to shoot him to save his own life.

Anonymous said...

The US is now controlled by "occupation Forces", so we know how it works.

Anonymous said...

If the citizens of this country were not giving the COPS the NEED for such an military force it would not be happening. One must wonder who the pawns are in this orchestrated take over. Would they be uneducated, hot headed, easy manipulated fools. I'm just saying...if you need a fool to rush in and do something stupid you must find the segment of this country that is easiest manipulated by want and greed and convince them that they have been oppressed and have not had a fair shake. Sharpton is good at that.