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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Missing Dog 8-19-14 UPDATE

My name is Fiona, I am a Pekingese mix, I weigh 14 to 15 pounds. I went missing on August 16 at 9:30 PM. The neighbors were watching her they chased her out of the house and then didn't watch her outside. A friend came over and found her in old town off of Pemberton Drive in Salisbury she sat with her and then someone let off fireworks and the dog ran and disappeared and no one has seen her since. She is a very skittish dog but if you lore her with treats or food and she gets to know you she is wonderful. I believe that she has made friends with someone and they are taking care of her which I appreciate greatly knowing that she is not starving and thirsty. But she is part of our family we love her, we miss her, she is our DAIGHTER , she is my son's sister and we call her that. She is not replaceable! I am handicapped and she stays home with me she naps with me, she sits on my lap, I think I have a dent in my hip from her sitting there for two years, she follows me everywhere I go, she even rides with me in the car. I could go on forever I do not know what to say if anybody has seen her please please I'm going to give you my contact information get up with me or my husband. Tell your friends, your neighbors put the word out there please we love this dog we need this dog back in our life things are just not right without her even handicapped I have put up 80 posters it's through the homeowners association of old towne, I put it on Facebook we have done everything that I can possibly do!!!! We just need Fiona back she needs a treat she needs us, we need her please please please my name is Cathy my phone number is 410-251-5405 my husbands name is Lester his phone number is 410-845-8968. Any sightings any anything just let us know you've seen her yesterday or Sunday we just need to know that she is alive that's all we just want her returned and we just need her home. We will continue looking n yesterday for seven hours the day before we were out for eight hours we're doing all that we can possibly do this dog needs to be returned to its loving loving home who misses it more than anybody could possibly imagine it is like losing a child!!!!!


JoeAlbero said...

Someone has obviously taken this dog in, thankfully. Please spread the word so we can reunite them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe maybe not. Recently a Chihuahua was missing in Bishopville for over a week. He ran off when he heard gun shots.
About a week later the across the road and down the road neighbor spotted him hiding in a soy bean field but couldn't get him. The owner who was from Baltimore and just visiting came back down and hired a tracker who was able to get him. This one could be holed up in some shrubbery or under a shed or porch as well.
Wish I knew more about who the tracker was but I think if you go back to Delmarva Unleashed FB you could get some more info. Happened about a month ago and the dog's name was Charlie.

Anonymous said...

If they have not already done so put out some food and water at their house that the animal can get to. Also put out a bed or one of their toys to try to lure the animal back home. Of course if someone else has the pup these things will not work.

Anonymous said...

He looks like a reincarnated Andy Rooney.

Anonymous said...

Hope the pooch is found unharmed.

Maybe using the armored vehicle will help in the search?