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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Obama About to Fire His Smoking Gun Again

Those who think that either the Constitution or possible negative consequences to the Democratic Party will deter President Obama from acting unilaterally on immigration policy probably still don't understand what makes this man tick.

The main things that drive him are his own interests — whether political or legacy — and his own ideological goals.

The Washington Post is reporting that both Democrats and Republicans "are in a state of high anxiety" over the possibility that Obama will issue an executive order allowing millions of people who entered the country illegally to stay in the United States in contravention of Congress, which clearly hasn't authorized this move.

The Post says both parties, for different reasons, fear that such an action by Obama could negatively impact their prospects in November's midterm elections. Obama's threat — and that's what it is, a threat, because there's nothing positive about his acting lawlessly again, especially for such a nefarious purpose — brings back more un-sweet memories.



Anonymous said...

It WILL happen because no Republican wants to be seen stopping it.

Too bad. The taxpayer loses.

Anonymous said...

That would be "Establishment" Republicans. Rand Paul will not be in favor of.

Anonymous said...

They know the American people are soft targets. We will not resist. We wont' even protest.

Anonymous said...

They don't have the balls to impeach him so they need to shut up unless they are men enough to do something about it.