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Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Letter To The Editor 8-30-14

Worcester County Schools Implementing Anti­American US History Curriculum

According to newly redesigned Advanced Placement U.S. History Curriculum being implemented in Worcester County Schools and around America this fall ­ anti­American history will be taught in
classrooms nationwide.

● The Founding Fathers have been edited out.

● America's rich past effectively erased.

● And your child's education has taken another sharp turn to the left.

It's nothing less than leftist indoctrination brought to you by some of the same people that brought you Common Core.

Here is a sampling of what our nation's brightest high school students can expect to be taught in AP history class this year:

● Almost total silence about the Founding Fathers, including no mention of Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, and Adams, and almost none of the Declaration of Independence.

● A relentlessly negative view of American history, which emphasizes every problem and failing of our ancestors while ignoring or minimizing their achievements.

● Omission of military history, battles, commanders, and heroes and a biased and inaccurate view of many important facets of American history.

This Is Happening Now. Unless you speak out, revisionist history will be the new history for your children and grandchildren. Contact your elected school board members and school superintendent to express your concerns about this assault on our country's heritage.

Fran Gebhart
Berlin, MD


Anonymous said...

Befor anything will change you have to have a board of ed that that loves America and has some common sense.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Obama's world.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with Obama. This is about parents who are allowing this to happen. You voted these people in office who makes these dramatic changes that are not good for our kids. People. If you love our kids, speak up for them instead of placing blame. Speak out against common core.

Anonymous said...

The Worcester County Bd of Ed has chosen to ignore the concerns of parents and taxpayers - kind of like ignoring that whole Constitution thing........remember, Moochelle promised that Barack would "change our history"!

Anonymous said...

so one day we all woke up and bang here is America

Anonymous said...

Make a noise. Go to Board meetings and factually object. Write the Dispatch, et al. And most important, get folks to run for the Board who are properly focused, and vote out board members who voted for this curriculum. Plus the Super will be up for review shortly before you know it.

Do something positive. (I live in adjacent county so they won't listen to me).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this letter Fran.

Is this what you want your child's education to look like, lies and more lies??? I hope not.

Doris W said...

Every person needs to speak up otherwise your children and\or grandchildren will never know our true history. This is the greatest country in the world. We have accomplished terrific things and we have made mistakes. But, in the long run, the world is a lot better off because of the U.S.
Our children need to know this. They need to know the truth.

Anonymous said...

10:26 you are revising history to say this has nothing to do with Obama!
It has everything to do with Obama.
He is the ringleader of the Communist assault on America.
He, with others, is implementing the principles layed out by Alinsky in Rules for Radicals and By Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto.
Obama is literally following the instructions by the numbers as have these Communist beasts for the last 40 years.
They are intent on destroying the Worlds greatest political system of Capitalism because it is the greatest threat to Communist domination.
Can't you idiot democrat liberal progressives see that?

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute here....Most kids cannot read anyway, they like pictures....I deal with them at the BEACH....They cannot read signs!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to common core where your dictator you voted for sets the rules that in slaves others. the middle class use to be 50k and above but it is not the poor.If you read the true history of the USA that one reason why the tea was dumped in Boston harbor.
I think every child in Worcester county should by Rush's books and take them to school. Remember Vote and get the USA back on track or we are doomed

Anonymous said...

While I am not doubting what you say, do you have any proof of this adulterated material? I want to pass this information along to others but cannot unless you can provide links that show this abomination.

Anonymous said...

Most of the commenters fail to realize this is no longer America. This is a new Country which is in transition to merge into the North American Union with Canada, Mexico and all Central American Nations. We are becoming one big Nation.

The global bankers want it this way. The people who print the money we use. They have lots of plans for us.