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Friday, August 22, 2014

Beaten to Death at McDonald’s

David Paulin, an Austin, TX-based freelance journalist, covered Hugo Chavez's rise to power while based in Caracas as a foreign correspondent. He also reported from the Caribbean while based in Kingston, Jamaica.

It had seemed to the four clean-cut college freshman that night like a typical McDonald’s: spanking clean, well-lighted, and safe. It was in a good neighborhood too, right next to Texas A&M University in College Station – a campus known for its friendly atmosphere and official down-home greeting: “howdy”

Out on a double date, the two couples pulled into the parking lot of so-called “University McDonald’s” shortly after 2 a.m. that Sunday – and beheld a scene unlike anything portrayed in all those wholesome McDonald’s television commercials. Before them, hundreds of young black males were loitering about, some without shirts.

Other local residents — the more cynical and world-weary, both whitesand most blacks — would have taken one look at the crowd and driven off, dismissing many of the young and posturing black males as thugs. But not them: innocent white kids from the suburbs. They presumed this was post-racial America — and that they were in an easy-going college town.

Twenty minutes later, two of them were dead.



Anonymous said...

Obamas and Holders vision for America has arrived.

Anonymous said...

This is not about the Obama and holder. This is about two men who did not have the sense to leave the area. I'm Black and a women. I'm not going to stop at any business where there are a bunch of men black or white congregating together doing absolutely nothing. Youth today are angry and who knows who they are going to take there anger out on. There are all kinds of gangs of all ethnic group. I'm not going to be victimized by anyone. Those two should have drove off and went somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

The Gang was Black and wantabes.
Copy cats trying to be Black.

Anonymous said...

Some people are to stupid to live. Stay the heck away from these places 2:00am in the morning.

Anonymous said...

I am a grown man and this brought tears to my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Definitely stay clear of all those white men mobs causing trouble everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Before the civil rights movement blacks were the most pleasant and polite people you could find. The learned that from the Southern gentlemen and Southern hospitality even going way back to the "Plantation days." One might disagree, but you really don't know your history. Just what you learned in your liberal, union controlled kiddy warehouses. Just like the same history and what the kiddy warehouse taught these young white people that got them killed.

The War Between the States is a thing of the past. Although slaves were treated like family, slavery is over except in the world of Democrats where they have turned blacks into slaves through their entitlement programs just so that they will vote Democrat. Most blacks are functional idiots and will never change. It will take a long time before America can and will get on the right track. In order to make this change we need to vote Republican. Blacks and whites need to join forces and vote Republican before it is to late.

Anonymous said...

Exactly 7:02
The next time 2:24 goes to mall or stops in a quick mart for gas, or walks down the street minding her own business, she better watch out for the white thugs playing the knock out game huh?
Truth is, she is just another liberal racist making excuses for the mob thug primitive mentality of a certain element of culture.