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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

UNREAL: Feds Threaten Journalist With ARREST for Exposing Border Crisis

The United States is facing an“orchestrated” humanitarian crisis on our southern border, as tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are crossing the border in search of amnesty.

President Obama’s administration has made no effort to enforce border security laws, instead focusing on detaining the illegals and shipping them around the country. Fortunately, Texas, and numerous militia units, have stepped up with an emergency plan to secure the border on their own.

Unfortunately, censorship has become the unofficial rule and position of the federal government. A US Congressman was denied access to a facility housing illegal immigrants in his own district. Doctors and nurses treating the thousands of sick illegals are being forced to sign nondisclosure agreements, under threat of arrest, as are our Border Patrol agents.



Anonymous said...

These are the actions of an illegal and illegitimate government.

Anonymous said...

No this is the product of an outlaw President. This is a mess Obama created by not enforcing US law and going completely against the Constitution that he swore to uphold and obey. Obama is a criminal and should be locked up.

Anonymous said...

In fact we may need to form militia units on our local level. Who is going to stop Obama from shipping illegal kids with Swine Flue to a home next door to you?

Anonymous said...

Lol, even Al Sharpton got arrested protesting at immigration facilities a few years back. What are they hiding?!

Anonymous said...

This is highly illegal and broken the free info.

Anonymous said...

IF this mess with illegals doesn't wake up obama supporters nothing will.The liberal main stream media have got realize their main job is to protect the public and defend the first ammendment.