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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Hillary Clinton Still Has Not Publicly Come To Terms With One Of The Greatest Errors Of Her Career

In wide-ranging remarks Monday afternoon at the Aspen Ideas Festival, which The Atlantic co-hosts, Hillary Rodham Clinton showed an impressive grasp of issues as varied as health care, Supreme Court jurisprudence, and international diplomacy.

One long anecdote concerned a high-stakes negotiation with the Chinese government over a dissident who wanted to defect to the United States. She spoke with ease, depth, and sophistication about the trade-offs the situation presented, as fine an example as could be imagined about the theme of her new book: "Hard Choices."

Clinton excels in an interview setting, where she can draw on varied experiences in two terms as an uncommonly engaged first lady, eight years as a U.S. senator, and a stint as secretary of state. The presumption that she'll run for president in 2016 is based in part on the correct judgment that her experience alone would make her a formidable candidate, whether one agrees or disagrees with her policy pronouncements, party or ideology.


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Anonymous said...


Just another puff piece from the friendly confines of The Atlantic, purporting to uncover a weakness. It's a game planned prelude to her next move on disavowing her past action on that topic.

She doesn't even do well hitting the marshmallows she's thrown in her highly controlled 'interviews'.

Evil, greedy heart.