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Monday, June 30, 2014

“We Are Not For Sale!”

by Delegate Mike McDermott

I want to thank you for your support: your prayers, your time, your donations, and the confidence of your vote. Tuesday marked the beginning of a turnaround for District 38 here on the lower shore. Although the turnout for the Primary was low, the final tally has given us all a reason to be very hopeful moving forward.

We were able to surpass our opponent in the vote count by 1200 votes in a district that was carved up, Gerrymandered, and tailor made just for him! These results have gone unreported by the local media.

The bottom line: our citizens are tired of politicians. They want folks who mirror their values and who are not afraid to stand up and speak out in Annapolis.

I have stressed how I view the 2014 election as being critical for Maryland. There is an opportunity for us to see significant change in how our state conducts the business of the people; and, when it comes to the lower shore, we should be encouraged by these results.

I ask you to thoughtfully consider how you can help secure a better future in Maryland for your children’s children. We must take back the districts that we can from these big government politicians whose success can be measured by the 80-plus tax and fee increases over the past 8-years. Those who have grown government by laying the burden on the backs of our grandchildren must be removed from office.

Maryland now has the dubious distinction of being the worst state in our country (#50) when it comes to economic growth. We have heard the O’Malley-Brown administration and Senator Jim Mathias proclaim to us, “jobs, jobs, jobs!” as their top priority. I have heard this from their lips at every forum and meeting we have attended for the past 8 years. Yet, while surrounding states have turned to the private sector and prospered, the O’Malley-Mathias team continue to believe that government holds the answers.

One would think that when this bunch stumbled upon their own breadcrumbs they would admit they did not have a clue how to lead us out of the mess they have created with their policies and legislation. It is clear that they do not know the way home.

Ronald Reagan could not have stated it better for Maryland when he proclaimed, "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem."

I look forward to your help in the coming months. We have a terrific slate of General Assembly candidates for our District 38 Delegate seats:
Delegate Charles Otto (38-A Somerset & Worcester),
Mayor Carl Anderton (38-B Wicomico) *current mayor of Delmar, and,
Mary Beth Carroza (38-C Wicomico & Worcester) *Eastern shore Rep. in the Ehrlich Administration, faithful public servant, and no stranger to local campaigns.

We are united in our conservative views of government and our strong desire to return common sense to the decision making process in Annapolis. Your help in the coming months will insure that we move forward in victory and carry your message back to Annapolis.

  • Continue to pray;
  • place signs and bumper stickers;
  • talk to your family, friends, and neighbors; and,
  • donate what you can to our campaigns.

The O’Malley-Brown administration, Senate President Mike Miller, and the liberal special interest crowd believe they can buy our Senate seat. Let’s make sure they know that our seat is not for sale!

“Marylanders...Take Back Your State!”


Beezer said...

Having read every one of the House & Senate Bill synopsis for each of the past 8 legislative sessions, I can categorically inform the eastern shore voters that Mike McDermott is one of the hardest working Delegates I have ever encountered. He 'Walks the Talk' and is the ONLY DELEGATE THAT COMES HOME ON WEEKENDS AND ISSUES A WEEKLY REPORT AS TO HOW THINGS WORKED IN ANNAPOLIS.

This man is truly REMARKABLE!!!

I hope the entire eastern shore recognizes all his hard work, honesty, and integrity. GO GET THEM - MIKE MCDERMOTT.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to vote TWICE for Mike and I don't even live in Maryland. Thanks to O'Malley, it's ok for me to do that even if I'm a felon or illegal.

Anonymous said...

Go Jim!