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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mom of Illegal Immigrant Says Her Son Came to U.S. Because ‘They Don’t Deport Children’

While the White House continues to insist the influx of children from Central America has nothing to do with its immigration policies, mounting evidence is proving otherwise.

In addition to a leaked internal memo that pins the administration’s lax enforcement laws as responsible for the recent humanitarian crisis in Texas and Arizona, Jorge Ramos, anchor of the Spanish-language television network Univision, further challenged the Obama narrative that the surge is a direct response to violence and poverty in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

In an interview with a Marlen Mena Bautista, a Honduran mother whose 15-year-old son recently crossed the border illegally, Ramos found that children are instead coming to the United States because of a widespread perception that they won’t be deported.



lmclain said...

"...widespread perception...."???
please don't blow that smoke up our collective dresses.
Straight from the head of the branch of government trusted to, and assigned the role of, enforcing the law.
Not picking which ones he likes and doesn't like, but the ones passed by the people's representative's.
But, then again, on further review of THEIR actions, they don't really represent us ("we, the people") anymore either.
Except your guy --- he's on it like white on rice.

Anonymous said...

Are you effing kidding me? We have immigration laws that address this issue that are willfully not being enforced.These people are just bad actors.

Anonymous said...

Gaming the system - deport them all!

Anonymous said...

"children" - the issue buzz word drawing sympathy. A parent or parents come with most of them... even more illegals in the U.S.