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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

City Baltimore Police Officer Accused Of Slitting The Throat Of Stray Dog

A Baltimore City police officer is under arrest after he is accused of killing a dog in a shocking way.

Rochelle Ritchie explains the disturbing allegations.

Police say while this incident remains under investigation, right now there is no indication the dog tried to attack the officer they say pulled out a knife and slit the dog’s throat. They are calling his actions appalling.

Baltimore City Police say around 9 a.m. Saturday they responded to a call of a woman who said she’d been bitten on the hand by a stray dog. Police are calling her injuries superficial, but it’s what one of their officers did next they call egregious.



Anonymous said...

Learned that on TV this week watching the news from Iraq.

Anonymous said...

If he said he felt that his life was in danger, he will walk out of it without any repercussions. That's what they are teaching these days. When they were PEACE OFFICERS, they were trained to use violence and force only as a last resort.