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Monday, May 12, 2014

Vermont Maple Syrup Producer Complains: NBC Edited My Remarks to Support ‘Global Warming’

Sometimes the truth is much sweeter than the syrupy environmentalism of the national media.

While hyping the alleged effects on climate change, NBC’s May 6 “Nightly News” tried to localize the impact by citing a different problem in each region. The broadcast played a clip of Burr Morse, a seventh-generation maple syrup producer from Montpelier, Vermont, stating that this season’s weather had been too warm. Contrary to this clip’s implications, Morse told the MRC’s Business and Media Institute that cold weather actually did more to harm this year’s maple syrup season.



Anonymous said...

Wow , I believe that.

Anonymous said...

like that even deserves a wow..

NBC has no integrity what so ever.. it's Obama's propaganda machine ..just like J Goebbels was in the 1930's-40's Germany

Anonymous said...

Walmart has plenty of ammo