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Monday, May 05, 2014

Sun Buys Capital: Another Loss Of Voice And Eyes?

The announcement of the sale of the daily Capital newspaper and to the Baltimore Sun Media Group came in a text message to my Blackberry as Anne Arundel County Executive Laura Neuman was giving her budget address to the county council on Thursday.

It is a sale that could have more effect on the politics of Anne Arundel County and the State House than the upcoming election.

The Capital and its sibling publications, the Bowie Blade and the Maryland Gazette, along with the daily Carroll County Times, have been for sale since 2008. Longtime publisher Phil Merrill, for whom the College of Journalism at College Park is named, died in 2006. After that Landmark Media Enterprises, which already owned 49% of the paper, bought Merrill’s share.

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Anonymous said...

Better, but not much, than Gannett buying it!

Anonymous said...

The Capital was a conservative newspaper now bought out by a very liberal newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Cancelling my subscription as I did the sun many years ago... I get most of my news from Joe these days!

Anonymous said...

Net effect is much less scrutiny of the scoundrels in Annapolis & Bawlmor.