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Monday, May 05, 2014

I Am Martin O’Malley, Governor of Maryland - Ask Me Anything

Hello Reddit, I’m Martin O’Malley, former mayor of Baltimore and current Governor of the great state of Maryland, where we’ve passed marriage equality, passed the Maryland DREAM Act, enacted tougher gun laws, held down the cost of college tuition, and driven down violent crime.

Right after this AMA, I’ll be signing new laws to raise the minimum wage and expand opportunity for our middle class families.
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Anonymous said...

That was hilarious this morning, I don't think he or his staff expected that kind of reception.

Read the AMA to find out what kind of reception he received.

Anonymous said...

When are you leaving?
Why are you a communist?
Why are you so stupid?
what drugs are you on thinking your electable as a president?
Why are you spending money you dont have?
Again when are you leaving MD?

O'Gay O'Malley said...

knowing how AIDS affects the body and is no doubt b/c of your Transgender lifestyle you have AIDS...your brain is done!

Anonymous said...

Trust me, it was terrible and exactly what us Redditors expected.

Anonymous said...


What on Earth are you talking about? O'Malley bombed on his own, not because of some absurd conspiracy you just attempted to articulate. This comment could not be more irrelevant and.... bizarre.

Anonymous said...

An absolute complete idiot and a disgrace to my Irish heritage!

Anonymous said...

O'Dumbass has administered a tremendous about of damage to Maryland it will take a long time to recover from his actions if at all