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Monday, May 19, 2014

Feds disguising the devastation of poverty

Easy benefits allow the poor to settle into ambition-numbing subsistence

Hiding the poverty consuming this nation is one of government’s big jobs these days.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics made a startling announcement. New data released by the bureau reveals that in one out of every five families — 20 percent — no one is employed. Not one person in those families has a job. This is monumental, but we don’t see it because of the remarkable effort by the federal government to hide the truth.

Why? Because seeing the government’s failure spells their political ruin. Your family and future have been designated as a sacrifice to ensure the future of incompetent — and sometimes malevolent — politicians. Hiding poverty is now Job One.

During the Great Depression, hundreds of people lined up at soup kitchens every day in every city, a resource many people used as their sole food supplier.

It’s not a good thing that people had to line up at a soup kitchen, but that’s the point. We saw the poverty, and by standing in line to get food, you felt the impact of a government that had failed in its policies and duties. There was no denying the truth. You knew something had to change.

How best to perpetrate a lie about the condition of our economy than by making invisible the truth of the matter? When no one sees people in unemployment offices, and no one sees lines of people waiting for food, and no one sees the homeless population soar, it allows the craven in Washington to prevail with lies about what’s really happening.



Anonymous said...

This is a very well written article.. Time to wake up people!

Anonymous said...

I read that the government changed their definition of "unemployed." It used to be that if you didn't have a job you were unemployed. Now if you are drawing "unemployment" then you are unemployed.

That means that the people who have exhausted their benefits are no longer listed at unemployed, and the people who didn't get unemployment to start with were never unemployed.

That way they can say that unemployment has fallen to 7 or 8 percent when it is still truly at a 20% level.