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Monday, May 19, 2014

AT&T Agrees To Buy DirecTV in $48.5B Deal

DALLAS (AP) - AT&T Inc. on Sunday agreed to buy DirecTV for $48.5 billion, or $95 per share, a move that gives telecommunications company a larger base of video subscribers and increases its ability to compete against Comcast and Time Warner Cable, which agreed to a merger in February.

AT&T's proposed combination, which is subject to government review, could improve its Internet service by pushing its existing U-verse TV subscribers into video-over-satellite service, and thereby free up bandwidth on its telecommunications network.

AT&T currently offers a high-speed Internet plan in a bundle with DirecTV television service. The acquisition would help it further reap the benefits of that alliance.


Anonymous said...

Just what we need. More monopolies and less choice for the consumer.

One of the worst companies for customer service and prices out there.

Better off to just get over the air programming since tv sucks anyway and go back to renting dvd's from redbox or the library.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of Money and a great decision by DirecTv.

Cable suppliers like comcast and directv will be dead within the decade. If you can watch it on your TV I can stream it within hours if not minutes....for free.

Now you have people making filters that capture the signal directly from the air and the US courts have sided against the Monopolies. Basically saying you put the signal out there, its your responsibility to encrypt it so it is not readily available to the public. Its hard to control air space when you signal is broadcast.

Anonymous said...

Bravo DirecTV... that's a lot of coin. AT&T will ruin it for the consumer. May have to up my Dish stock!

If you're a DTV subscriber, good luck with that.