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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bill Clinton reveals it took Hillary 'six months of very serious work to get over' accident

Former President Bill Clinton divulged on Wednesday that it took former secretary of state Hillary Clinton 'six months of very serious work' last year to recover from a fainting spell in December 2012 that resulted in a concussion and blood clot.

Her long recovery is 'something she never low-balled,' Bill said.

But Bill's timeline contradicts the State Department's claims just after the conclusion of Hillary's treatment in January 2013 that 'she seems to be fully recovered.'



Anonymous said...

Why you believe anything from the current admin or Bii Clinton for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Yet we were all supposed to believe W choked on a pretzel when he blacked out at the White House in 2002. Right. A pretzel. And no lasting effects either, right?

Anonymous said...

They are both liars.

Anonymous said...

Can't stand to look at her after
the remark she made about our
soldiers being killed at Bengazie.

Anonymous said...

She makes me sick to my stomach!!

Anonymous said...

"...fully recovered."

Not something I fully believe.

Time for Hillary to call it a day.

Anonymous said...

Nice deflection attempt.

W is not running for anything except exercise.

Mrs. Bill Clinton is weighing whether to seek the White House.

We know 'zip' about the medical history or condition of 'Mr. Transparency'.

We know Mrs. Bill Clinton suffered a boo-boo of some magnitude; severity has varied depending upon who is talking and when.

She doesn't clear brush, jog, bike, golf, shoot hoops, etc. so curiosity about her continued ability to put her pantsuits on each day is both fair and prudent.

Let's face it; she may choose Slow Joe as her back-up and then where would we be??

Anonymous said...

Blood clots are very serious. She is lucky to be alive as clots in the brain could have killed her. Was she drunk when she fell?

Anonymous said...

We should believe everything Bill Clinton says...

Okay, maybe only one thing about he didn't inhale...

Okay, maybe nothing.

Anonymous said...

Benghazi Brain Syndrome- kept her from testifying and should keep her from the White House in case she has a relapse.

Anonymous said...

Hillary didn't fall people!
She was in an airplane crash in IRAN! She was there supposedly negotiating (illegally I might add)
issues with the nuclear program.