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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Report Favors Salisbury’s Economic Shift

SALISBURY — The first in a series of quarterly economic updates shows a lot of optimism about the future of Salisbury’s economic recovery.

Experts from Salisbury Wicomico Economic Development (SWED) are predicting a greater emphasis on small-batch innovation versus mass production as the key to an economically viable Salisbury.

“We’ve seen great changes and different shifts of clusters, different types of manufacturing,” said Dave Ryan, executive director of SWED.

SWED delivered its first economic update Monday and will do so quarterly from here out. A lot of trends have already become visible in Salisbury, according to Ryan.


JoeAlbero said...

Sounds like someone is trying to keep their job. Anyone who believes there's an upswing, (outside of minimal paying jobs) is clueless.

While the economic figures keep coming in and Salisbury News is the only source providing unemployment numbers, I truly find it extremely hard to believe pieces like this.

The pharmacy manufacturing company is being USED as an example now for YEARS. Thank God this company chose to stay and grow in Salisbury but I ask, where are the other companies? Why, even in pieces like this, do they continue to almost HIDE who is coming?

It reminds me of a NFL Coach saying, this is going to be our year, NOT.

I do not hear SWED traveling to other parts of the state recruiting businesses here. Again, as a business owner with a lot of experience, the information I read in this article in NO WAY excites me in any way. Just more Liberals putting lipstick on a pig.

Anonymous said...

First thing that Salisbury needs to do is fend off the liberal Democrats from running Perdue out of the State!

JoeAlbero said...

1:43, won't happen. Jim needs the extra water and sewer capacity and one way or the other they will do everything in their power to send Perdue packing. Oh, they'll have plenty of excuses and will probably be long gone before that happens but rest assure, the liberal leadership will drive Perdue outta here. They need those EDU's for student housing and affordable housing.

Anonymous said...

When Perdue leaves (not if), it will be a major economic hit to the area.

Think it's bad now...! Most folks don't understand the trickle-down impact of the original salaries that Perdue pays in the area. Each one of those salaries subsequently make purchases of goods and services within a close proximity to the area. Those purchases support additional jobs...those folks also make purchases. Yes the furthe down the generational chain, the less direct impact - but, an impact nonetheless.

I still want them around - I don't want this place turning in to a ghost town.....

Anonymous said...

Every economic expert getting paid from the city for the last 15 years always says great things are happening we just dont see them.

Anonymous said...

Dave Ryan has had this job for years and the economy has continued to decline. This is a wasted position and the least they could do is replace him. Economic shift my butt!

Anonymous said...

Salisbury will eventually die SWED

Beezer said...

I agree with Joe - all of the numbers we see coming - in

1. US BLS Monthly Data
2. Maryland State & Local Income Tax Collections
3. ObamaCare repercussions - CBO report.
4. Area Factory closings list

Show that our area has fallen even deeper. I truly believe someone in SWED needs to take a reality pill.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like typical govt doubletalk & gibberish.

Anonymous said...

The shore is on an economic comeback???? I want some of what they are smoking.... The shore unfortunately is not coming back anytime soon if at all. Should Perdue cut back or leave the shore it's really over!!!! Glad I saw the light..... Seven months in Florida...... Should have done this years ago!!!

Anonymous said...

ryan's been in that job for as long as I can remember and ain't a damn thing changed for the better around here during his tenure except maybe his salary.

Anonymous said...

The only thing Salisbury/ Wicomico is successful at is running major employers out of the area. Please refer to Joe's list of closed businesses.I see no upstart of any significant employee rich companies here.

Nice "trend"

Anonymous said...

Ryan, a gov employee talks to a few other friends in gov, who got raises like his, who don't worry about their next paychecks, or paying a doctor bill, and they said, sure things are looking great, really David? Garbage in, garbage out, thanks to you public servants!

Anonymous said...

Can someone do a story on SWED and who pays for the agency? With all the businesses that have left Salisbury/Wicomico why the hell are we still supporting SWED and Dave Ryan's salary? Isn't SWED doing the same thing as the Chamber of Commerce? Nothing!

Why do we never hear anything about SWED? Why is he flying under the radar and keeping his job?