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Friday, February 14, 2014

Maryland Protestors Rally To Repeal Citizens United


Anonymous said...

Maybe it is just me - but this group seems to be on the radical side. How did those people get to the rally - most drove vehicles. I guess they want everyone to go back to the horse & buggy. If they want decent jobs - why don't they try doing something constructive, like promoting businesses instead of killing businesses.

Anonymous said...

When SEIU gets out of our polling places and stops getting paid leave to travel and organize in other States than where they live-- and is limited to the same restrictions on individuals and Business that they want-- then perhaps there should be a conversation--

Add the IRS and it's heinous behavior against Conservatives --Eric Holder's constant lawsuits filed against States..

George Soros's nefarious Monopoly on 501-C organizations

and his SCTYL/ SOE Voting Booth oversight software that controls the outcome of more than a dozen States vote count with the use of embedded algorithms. Obama gave Soros's Company a no bid contract to be the "tech support" over the entire National Election he supposedly won over Mitt Romney.

You can look it up it was used in PA VA Fla and OH all Senate swing states in 2012 that insured Harry Reid's insane control and a Impeachment proof majority in the Senate.

Perhaps then we actually can return to having the Fair Elections --these disingenuous Socialist demagogues are referring to..

Anonymous said...

In these protestors eyes it's Ok for Democrats to be bought and sold by big money corporations, but they want to make sure Republicans can't get any donations. You can just look at the speakers and tell they all have some screws loose.

Anonymous said...

Were any of the people who supported Jake Day's benefit of Chicago realtor money there?