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Friday, January 31, 2014

Postal Service Opts For Stamp Hike Over Deeper Spending Cuts

Postal Service slow to cut costs, quick to raise price
Lawmakers may force cuts

The struggling U.S. Postal Service began asking customers to pay an extra 3 cents for every stamp they buy this week even as it fell short on some promised cost savings and failed to more aggressively cut spending identified by Congress as excessive.

Postal workers continue to get fringe benefits that are more generous than those afforded to government workers in general. Last week, the mail service announced that it had postponed indefinitely a plan to close mail processing centers it identified in 2011 as redundant and unnecessary.



Anonymous said...

Death spiral induced by union contracts.

The unions had their contribution to working society - but blew their credibility when they started supporting political candidates with their members money - instead of reinvesting in the members.

With the prices going up, more and more are using electronic means to perform the same functions. Pretty soon, UPS and FedEx will be able to compete on a pricing basis - although there are some legal issues with them delivering mail per se....maybe that's the first thing that needs to be fixed.....

Anonymous said...

A wage per hour cut of $2 across the board,top to bottom would stabilize the USPS forever.

Anonymous said...

I wish they would raise the price of junk mail.