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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Humane Society Working Through Financial Issues

Nearly two months after the controversial ouster of its former boarad president, the Worcester County Humane Society’s current leadership says it is trying to bail out the organization from the financial and administrative quagmire it is in.

Recently revealed financial information indicates that the shelter had experienced a long period of fiscal chaos, resulting in a deficit of over $338,000 on its last available tax cycle.

Who exactly is responsible for that hole has been a back-and-forth matter since the departure of the group’s former headwoman, Kenille Davies, who resigned under threat of legal action pertaining to misuse of funds.

Regardless, the shelter’s remaining leadership is saying that they will forge ahead with trying to raise money and return the WCHS to solvency.


Anonymous said...

I have said many times that Kenille has a heart of gold but has no business handling anything of a financial nature.

Anonymous said...

That will be the end of another no kill facility. Dogs and cats will get gassed as fast as they come in poor things.

Anonymous said...

Sounds all too familiar to me. At least it seems here they are getting the money flow problems out in the open which was one of Safe Havens biggest mistakes (besides overbuilding and having a hefty mortgage.)
I would advise also to not at this point hire any employees if at all possible. Have board members pick up the slack as part of the privilege of being on the board. While SH did have several directors and they were all wonderful (except maybe one who was controversial) it's was just another money burden that wasn't necessary.
Don't count on grants. A huge mistake the first board (board changed constantly) of SH made was thinking there was grant money available and planned using that as a source of income. I believe SH was only ever able to obtain like one grant and it was of local origin.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
I have said many times that Kenille has a heart of gold but has no business handling anything of a financial nature.

January 18, 2014 at 3:51 PM"

I'm not sure this place has any business handling any aspect of a shelter nature either.
I checked and they shelter 150 cats and 19 dogs. Hiring a Director at $50,000/yr is reckless to the point of being absurd. At the risk of offending, they really sound, well....clueless.
I think this group would best be served by going to the HSUS site and read up and if at all possible attend some seminars on animal sheltering.
HSUS also has a list of grants which may be available though it's not something to ever count on and realistically any money to be had is going to have to be pretty much begged for on a local level.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Sandra Mitchell? She seems quick to revert blame, but she herself violated provisions of a non profit by being on the Board and getting money from the shelter.
She is so very not impressive in that no where does she mention she is paying the shelter back which would be the way an honest sincere person would be speaking. You can just see one character flaw after another with these new people and it's not pretty.