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Friday, December 13, 2013

Families Outraged Over Teen's Probation-Only Sentence In Fatal DWI Crash

Youth minister Brian Jennings was killed in the June 15 car crash. He was the father of three. (FAMILY PHOTO)

The families of four people killed by a North Texas teen who was drunk when he lost control of his pickup truck are angry over his probation-only sentence.

A juvenile court judge sentenced a 16-year-old boy on Tuesday to 10 years' probation after he confessed to intoxication manslaughter in the crash, which happened June 15 on a dark rural road near Fort Worth.

Killed were Brian Jennings, 43-year-old Burleson youth minister; Breanna Mitchell of Lillian, 24; Shelby Boyles, 21, and her 52-year-old mother, Hollie Boyles, who lived near the crash site.


Anonymous said...

I am glad this boy did not have to learn about "consequence's for your actions". He can now move on, and continue living above our laws, throwing money at any problem he may face. The 'Murican way!

In reality, this little s4it AND his parents should do some hard time, with a nice dose of inmate rape occurring daily.

We need the death penalty for drinking and driving, and for some "officers" to stop letting "certain" people off the hook. It's rampant around here.

Anonymous said...

This sentence is absurd.can it be appeeled or overturned.?..this spolibrat needs to do hard time..

Anonymous said...

It is Texas what do you expect.

Anonymous said...

6:27-That's a good question.The sentence for the teacher who raped the young teenage girl hasn't been legally contested yet.I think he got 30 days if I'm not mistaken.This in my opinion is way more serious because lives were lost.