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Friday, December 13, 2013

Contractors Experiencing PTSD

Defense contractors in war zones suffer from post-traumatic stress just like the troops they support. In fact, mental problems may be more pervasive among contractors. About a third of the ones surveyed by the RAND corporation showed signs of PTSD. Just a fifth of U.S. service members report the same. And service members tend to have better access to mental health services. The researchers say private contracting firms should better prepare employees for the stress of working in a conflict zone, and afterwards they need to encourage employees to seek treatment.


Anonymous said...

PTSD is an undefinable condition which has presented itself to the crooks of America.
Most people in the world have some sort of PTSD condition. All they need to prove this is a bad incident in their life.
Deal with it and move on , money doesn't solve the problem.
Many veterans , such as myself , just have to adjust with the killing fields of war . That was your job!

Anonymous said...

Best liberal gun grab ever. Go ahead, sign up for it.