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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 12-17-13

Annie Nonymous has left a new comment on your post "BREAKING NEWS: Budget Bill Clears Key Test Vote In...":

I gather from your comments that you have not been reading the posts Joe and Beezer have been providing us on the job climate here in the county.

Spout your rhetoric, but the fact is there are very few jobs here in Smallsbury. And even fewer reasonably well paying jobs.

It is a wide assumption that I am not employed, I was simply making a statement about those, some of whom I know, who can not find work.

It is a rather complicated issue, since most low level retail jobs will not hire unemployed previous manager, either due to lack of experience or over qualification.
For awhile there, even walmart was not hiring and cut back. So to insult people by saying it is beneath them is rude, when they can't even get hired for a lesser job.

If you do not have work, how do you downsize your home, since you do not qualify for a mortgage? Same for a car loan.

I understand the downsizing concept but it is only feasible to a point.

Comparing the situation to migrant workers is simply crap. They often get paid in cash, no overtime, no benefits and it is only a benefit for the employer. Once they have used them up, they also lay them off.

Until you have walked in their shoes.....


Anonymous said...

It's obvious that this area is employment poor. I've been here for 40 years and it has always been a problem with finding jobs.
The last 8 years have gotten worse each year.
Most intelligent people know that it is only going to get worse , if that's possible.
If you are employed please keep your job , if you have a government job you are a little safer.
Having said that , this is the worse shape I've seen this country
in over 70 years.
Our system of checks and balances in government is gone . Most young people don't know what that is , much less the impact on the nation.
I'm an old man , I've tried to help and explain but it seems to do nothing.
We have watched our leaders lie and steal , we have accepted this and nothing is done.
Anyway ,back to employment , welcome to socialism , it is here and it is sad. We have past the point of no return and all I can do at this point is watch and pray.

Anonymous said...

Try finding a job if you are over 55, get treated like a Leper!