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Monday, November 18, 2013

Volunteer Firefighters Crucial To Safety Of Pa

If you see a fire engine driving down the street, chances are that the firefighters inside are volunteers.

The success of those fire departments and the safety of local residents is largely dependent on people who are willing to give up their time for the greater good.

Pennsylvania has more fire departments than any other state in the United States and most of Pennsylvania’s fire departments are made up of volunteer firefighters.

In fact, out of the 1,800 fire departments in Pennsylvania, 97% are volunteer or mostly volunteer. One of those volunteer fire departments is Rescue Fire Department of Susquehanna Township, or Company 37.
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Anonymous said...

I have posted before about Lower Merion PA fire dept. All volunteer and covers a major metropolitan area mush larger than Salisbury. Number 5 on CNN's top earning towns.
Population: 58,618
Median family income: $153,309
Median home price: $553,498
Don't even start with the come here stuff…I went to grade school on an island, spent many a night at the Hebron carnival, graduated from Bennett and left the shore for a better life.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hero's in their own minds.

Anonymous said...

Rednecks having their big toy trucks purchased by the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

Does a doctor work for free, do police work for free, how about nurses, do they work for free, do 911 dispatchers work for free?

A am a paid and volunteer firefighter/paramedic. I have certifications in ACLS, PALS, PHTLS, PEEP, NBR, CPR, and CPR Instructor. I have 2,000hrs medical course instruction, I have 600hrs of fire & rescue course instruction, and I have an associates degree in applied science (EMS), all with over 120 college credits with a 3.9 GPA. I am responsible for 120hrs of continuing education hours bi-annulay in order to maintain my licenses and certifications.

And you think that I shouldn't be paid for my services?