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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Parents On Welfare Are Bequeathing A Culture Of Welfare Unto Their Children

Academic research in the past has shown that the children of families on welfare are more likely to grow up to be on welfare themselves.
But it isn't just poverty and poor health that are causing this. 

A new NBER study by Gordon Dahl of UCSD, Andreas Kostol of the University of Bergen, and Magne Mogstad finds that a parent on welfare creates a culture within the family that makes their adult children more likely to accept welfare.

The study looks at data from Norway's "disability insurance" (DI) system and finds that when a parent is allowed DI, their adult child's likelihood of participation over the next five years increases by 6%, and grows to 12% after ten years.



Anonymous said...

These family's stay on welfare for generations with NO incentive to get off of it Welfare was made for Temporary assistance why are families being allowed to stay on it for generations, VOTES VOTES VOTES.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you clowns pick up on this before even going through the study for yourself in any detail