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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The New Segregation In Maryland Colleges

U.S. District Judge Catherine C. Blake missed the mark by a country mile in her decision on eliminating vestiges of racial separation in Maryland’s state colleges and universities.

Indeed, her remedy perpetuates Maryland’s “shameful history of de jure segregation throughout much of the past century.”

Blake wants Maryland’s predominantly white colleges to give up popular programs so historically black institutions (HBIs) can develop monopolies in those areas. This, she reasons, will send white students flocking to HBI campuses.
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Anonymous said...

"Flock" to other colleges? Yeah, right. Go to UMES, one of the statistically most dangerous schools in the country.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the others, but UMES and Coppin bill themselves as institutions that look to open up the doors to college to students who normally do not have a chance to go. They target areas such as Baltimore and Philly where public schools have not necessarily prepared these students for college life. It's a noble strategy but one that should be expected to lead to the stats mentioned here (lower grad. rate and sat score).

Anonymous said...

You cannot drag good white students to UMES

Anonymous said...

Pass Laws forbidding white students from scoring higher then nonwhites on tests would help.

Anonymous said...

Are they even hiding the agenda anymore? How can we stand for this?

lmclain said...

Why don't they just start passing out degrees to black students who couldn't pass a high school exam or write a coherent paragraph. That would "even the field". Oh wait. UMES already does that. How many more years do black people need, and how much of an edge/handicap/head start do they need, before they can say "we can pass the same tests, get the same job, or compete with anyone, based only on our skills or abilities"? A math test, or the entrance requirements for firefighter/cop/professor or whatever know NO color boundaries. If you don't "got what it takes", its YOUR fault, not that of a slave owner dead 150 years ago.