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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Here Are The 25 Creepiest Places On Earth. But Be Warned, You May Wish You Never Saw Them.

Human remains made into decor, entire towns abandoned by humans and an entire forest dedicated to young suicides – those are just a few of the things you’ll see in this list of the creepiest places on Earth. If you don’t believe that evil exists, you may just change your mind after seeing these 25 creepy places.

1. The Aokigahara Forest (a.k.a. The Suicide Forest): It’s not just the dense shrubbery that makes this place so creepy. It’s all the dead bodies. Located at the base of Mt Fuji, ever since the 1950s the Japanese have been committing suicided here in droves. In fact, its so bad that there are now signs scattered throughout the woods with sayings such as “life is precious” and “think of your family”.

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