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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Obama Should Fire John Kerry

Once, when I was a White House reporter for a mainstream news organization, my editor ran a story on the front page. Mind you, we only put two stories on the front page, so it was a big deal.

As I remember, it was a first-rate piece that presented some really important information. It deserved to be on the front page. It so deserved to be on the front page that, in fact, it had been there a couple of weeks before.

That’s right, the editor ran the same story twice, in the same place. He deserved to be fired. It was only because the chief editor of the publication was a magnanimous guy that he wasn’t.

My point is, there there are some mistakes, in the jobs we hold, that you just can’t make. It almost doesn’t matter what else you have done. If you sailed the QE II around the world 20 times and then on the 21st you ram it into Gibraltar, you’re not going to be captaining the QE II again. You can go rent sailboats in the Bahamas.



Anonymous said...

The people should FIRE Oscama.

Anonymous said...

Firing Kerry would be a start, how about the other assorted criminals and incompetants.?

Anonymous said...

Never fire an employee who can lie with a straight face..

Anonymous said...

They should fire each other and take peleosi and reed with em