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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fracking Fears Overblown

Natural gas mainly threatens Big Renewable’s access to taxpayer green.

It’s trendy on the left to decry big corporations, especially when they engage in political activity. That’s all well and good, but using the same principles, environmentalists should be getting reamed, too. They profiteer not only from their business operations but also, in fact mostly, from taxpayer largesse. Under the guise of do-goodery, they’re essentially a big industry group with brilliant P.R., advancing claims that often aren’t scientifically sound.

A new study yanks the scientific footing out from under one of the key criticisms that Big Green Business makes against fracking for natural gas. Conducted by the University of Texas at Austin and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study is the most comprehensive of its kind to date, examining 190 fracking sites. It discovered that far less methane is emitted than the EPA and its cohorts in the environmental community have long claimed. The study was sponsored by several petroleum companies but also by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), further bolstering its credibility.



Anonymous said...

Fracking CAN and WILL contaminate groundwater. As for the Methane released in to the atmosphere I'm not as concerned because we get more pollution from other sources.

Looking beyond the obvious bias, the author comes off sounding like a puppet with the hand being big energy.

Anonymous said...

9:29 Please identify your sources that prove fracking contaminates groundwater.

Anonymous said...

The EPA, seeing as we both know trying to post links here never works just try searching "how the epa linked fracking to contaminated well water"

Although I'm sure you wont care, people here seem to dislike facts.

Anonymous said...

11:27 "Lisa Jackson, former EPA Administrator: “In no case have we made a definitive determination that [hydraulic fracturing] has caused chemicals to enter groundwater.”

You mean that EPA or is there another EPA that I should know about?

Anonymous said...

Which has since been revealed to be a sham. The actual results from the EPA studies revealed that fracking did indeed contaminate groundwater. Payed off to not release the truth? Not surprising.

"The presentation, based on data collected over 4 1/2 years at 11 wells around Dimock, concluded that 'methane and other gases released during drilling (including air from the drilling) apparently cause significant damage to the water quality.'

Anonymous said...

1:40 So after 60+ years of fracking you can only point to 11 wells that may have been contaminated? Watch much GASLAND?

Anonymous said...

@4:12, brainwashed by big energy much?

Anonymous said...

4:12 PM

If you actually researched the link, that he provided, you would find that it is more than 11 wells that are contaminated. As well as more than one state, Pa., that he provided to you.

But keep on making a fool out of yourself. It is quite entertaining.