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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

LAPD: 3 Parties to Split $1 Million Dorner Reward

The vast majority of the $1 million reward offered in the manhunt for rogue ex-cop Christopher Dorner will go to a couple whom he tied up in their Big Bear cabin, police said Tuesday.

The Los Angeles Police Department posted a document on its website in which a panel of three judges detailed the payouts for the much-sought reward.

They decided about $800,000 will go to James and Karen Reynolds. Daniel McGowan, who found Dorner's burning truck in the Big Bear area where he eventually was discovered, will get $150,000, and $50,000 will go to tow truck driver R.L. McDaniel, who reported spotting Dorner at a gas station earlier in the manhunt.



Anonymous said...

Great news.This should influence a local situation where a reward was offered and not paid,but perhaps a conviction is the holdup.Tips heavily contributed to the arrests.The burning question is when the reward will be paid and if.

Anonymous said...

Can't corner the dorner