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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cat Found 5-18-13

This cat has been hanging around a family members house off of Dagsboro Rd in Salisbury. Very loving, in tact male. Front declawed! Skinny. Can't keep him. Needs to be inside (obviously). Anyone missing him or want this sweetie pie? Cathy 443.235.0387


Anonymous said...

They actually (surprising enough) decided to bring him in. Got him a litter box, food, etc. So at least he's not outside anymore! But if his family is missing him, please let me know :)

Anonymous said...

hey joe, no one has come forward to claim this little love bug. he's doing quite well with his new "family" and pending no allergy issues (this is the 1st time they've ever had a cat!), Antonio (yes, he has a name now LOL) will be fine just fine!

thanks for posting this!