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Saturday, May 18, 2013

At $105,000-plus, Maryland Households The Nation's Top Earners

Maryland households are the nation’s top earners.

The Department of Health and Human Services this week released its annual list of the estimated state median income for four-person families, and Maryland, for the first time, comes out on top with $105,348.

The Free State traditionally comes in second or third, behind New Jersey or Connecticut. But Maryland incomes, per the list, were bumped up by more than $3,000 in the last year, breaking the $105,000 barrier and carrying the state to No. 1.



Anonymous said...

that's because of all the IRS and other thieves working in Dc

Anonymous said...

Most of them are Government workers.

Anonymous said...

DC is listed seperate
Not everything is Obamas fault,

Anonymous said...

They meant those on govt handouts get an average of $105,00 worth of freebies that we paid for.