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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Images That Show What Life Is REALLY Like In Guantanamo Bay

It holds some of the world’s most dangerous prisoners and is a byword for terror.

But astonishing new pictures have given a fresh glimpse of what life is really like inside Guantanamo Bay - the top-security, barb-wired holding pen for extremists captured in the war on terror.

Far from languishing in a dank and desolate dungeon as many in the outside world imagine, inmates are in fact able to rent Harry Potter movies, borrow car magazines and even get strawberries for their tea.
Detainees wake up each morning in a room equipped with a private lavatory, sink and toilet paper before dressing in the camp's standard issue clothing, laid out neatly on their bed.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Guantanimo is really a training camp for terrorists.

The shadow government runs al-queda. Just look at how they are in charge of the Syrian rebels. The same rebels that we give assistance to.

lmclain said...

If I was eating cold gruel in a cave in Afghanistan, I might consider getting captured so I could see some friends and take a few years of vacation. I know some Americans who would like to trade places with THEM. Military prisons, like regular ones, should be places you NEVER want to go. Ever. No TV, no soccer fields, no basketball courts, no weight rooms/equipment, no radio's, and no fun. Instead our "leaders' make us use gloves to touch that instruction manual for murder and mayhem (the koran, from that fake murderous god they worship), build them athletic facilities that are REJECTED for American neighborhoods, and RELEASE them in a few years so they can go back and kill some more of our sons and daughters. Which is what the majority of Americans want them to do. Thats why our "leaders" do so much for these animals, whose favorite pasttime is cutting off the heads of Americans and videotaping it for the world. I'm all for testing our latest chemical weapons on them. On video tape, of course. War on terror, my ass.