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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Words Of Wisdom


William said...

I'm so tired of this crap. I see a Civil War coming.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly true.

Anonymous said...

Time to read the writing on the wall.
Americans are under attack by the progressive neo-communists.
Obama, obviously the leading ideologue was raised by a card carrying member of the American communist party, his grandfather Stanley Dunham who was under blanket surveillance by the FBI. Then came his close association with Frank Marshall Davis, the communist propagandist and fellow card carrying member of the American communist party, also under investigation by the FBI.
Do any of you readers have a close friend that is a domestic terrorist? Anyone have a close personal friend/advisor/donor/financeer that bombed the Pentagon, Capitol and police stations? OBAMA DOES! Bill Ayers! Another communist revolutionary.
And on to the closest personal adviser of the president, some say his brain, Iranian born Valerie Jarrett, a Marxist who married into a family deeply involved in Chicago unions and communist party as well as associations with radical Islamist factions in Saudi Arabia.
So, If it surrounds itself with communists, if it socializes with communists, if it was raised and mentored lifelong by radicals and communists,if it spouts communist ideals, IT'S PROBABLY A COMMUNIST!
The Cold War is not over my friends.
Are you going to fight the communists?

Anonymous said...

Boooorrring, call it a hunch, but I think most Americans are tired of the idealogues from both sides and their childish partisan antics on capitol hill and in the WH. This would be a perfect opportunity for a 3rd party with fresh ideas beholden only to the truth and the america people to step up. Too bad there are just too many of you who will continue to blindly follow the elephants and donkeys over the abyss.