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Monday, February 11, 2013

White House: GOP Spreading ‘Myths’ About Obama’s Fiscal Approach

The White House accused congressional Republicans on Sunday of spreading “myths” about President Obama’s efforts to avoid looming budget cuts and blamed the GOP for pushing an “unbalanced” approach that favors the wealthy.

“The notion that President Obama hasn’t put forward a solution to deal with these looming cuts is false,” said Obama senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer in a blog post. He said Mr. Obama’s latest offer to House Speaker John A. Boehner, Ohio Republican, “meets the Republicans halfway on spending and on revenues, and would permanently turn off the sequester and put us on a fiscally sustainable path.”

With less than three weeks before the mandated spending cuts take effect March 1, Mr. Obama is pushing lawmakers to reach a short-term solution that would again postpone the steeper, across-the-board cuts. The president also is seeking to raise more tax revenue as part of a long-term deficit reduction plan by closing tax loopholes and eliminating deductions, but many Republicans are opposed to further tax increases after a deal in early January raised tax rates on wealthier families.



Anonymous said...

Aside from the fact I'm sick of the Democrats and particularly Obama blame the GOP when THEY are the ones in charge I offer this.

Groceries, goods, services, gas, taxes, etc., etc., are all going up because of Obama Care. Remember that Healthcare bill that everyone said would make things cost more.

Well, they are and it's the democrats who are in charge that have caused this mess.

Anonymous said...

SSDD? Thank you, 12;42 for the reality check. The Dems just won't sit down and admit we're underwater! It can't be done! Really? The GOP is ready with solutions that will be tossed out by the Socialist Party, Of course.

We're spending, why aren't you paying?

Well, it's because we're BROKE!

Anonymous said...

Obama has no fiscal approach you idiots.

Anonymous said...

The only myth is that Obama HAS a fiscal approach.
He could care less about the economy.
As long as it's not growing he's fine, on cruise control so he can enact more socialist based principles for his complete transformation of the United States.