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Saturday, February 23, 2013



This 3 minute 40 second video clip may be
the most important clip you have ever watched.
This is probably the most intelligent presentation
of the truth you have seen in a long time.
Please take the time to view this clip and then share it with others!


Anonymous said...

Wow! a must watch for everyone; even the progressives, liberals, democrats, socialists and marxists who visit and comment on the blog.


Anonymous said...

He is wrong. While his figures may be correct, he left an entire segment of society out. In order to look at this as a bigger picture we must agree that those who work for the government are dependent upon the government for their paycheck. Right? So NOW lets look at the TOTAL number of people who are dependent upon the government for some form of of income. First the 32% this gentleman mentioned. But there are more. The additional 47% of Americans who depend on the government for some type of assistance in the form of money, food stamps, etc. That number was last estimated at 47%. Add the original 32% of government employees who depend on the government for their paychecks to the 47% of people who depend on the government for other types of compensation and the number is about 79%. It isn't hard to see that these numbers aren't sustainable and that this is part of the reason we are having to borrow so much. It's over. Rearranging furnitue on a sinking ship because we are so dependent on our government. Thanks Woodrow Wilson. Thanks FDR. Thanks both political parties. Do you still wonder why ammunition doesn't stay on the shelf and the government is racing to buy as much as possible?

Anonymous said...

And the commies,from which the word comment was derived.

Anonymous said...

you can do better than that , most people who are employed at the government ( notice I said employed , Not work) they do not earn a salary , they do not work.
My siste in-law made $80,000 and did not know what her title was.
She told me she slept most of the day .
Having worked for the C&P telephone co. in D.C. with most of my work in government agencies , I will tell you very little is accomplished by productivity.

Anonymous said...

So. MIT Romney said 47%
But then again.. He has since stated that he really did not want to be president

Anonymous said...

Wake up people ... pull your complacent heads out of your...sand. You want to "share" all of your hard earned money; keep your liberal, progressive, Socialist heads there.