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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snow Hill Mayor Seeks County Funds, Suggests ‘Cupcake Chunkin’

The town of Snow Hill is coming back, Mayor John “Charlie” Dorman told Worcester County Commissioners on Tuesday as he asked for a larger financial contribution from the county to the town’s budget for next year.

“We have a vision for Snow Hill,” Dorman said after handing boxes of cupcakes to each commissioner.

Borrowing an idea from Sussex County’s Punkin’ Chunkin, Snow Hill plans to have a Cupcake Chunkin.

“Maybe it’ll make national news,” Dorman said.

The town also foresees a future catering to brides and grooms. Marriage licenses are obtained at the courthouse, the assistant town manager is an ordained minister, restaurants could provide space and food for receptions and some weddings could take place aboard the Bay Queen paddle boat, which used to be docked in Pocomoke, but is now docked in Snow Hill.



Anonymous said...

It will make National News as the dumbest idea ever. Smh. Only in Snow Hill.

Anonymous said...

The Snow Hill Mayor wants to hold a contest to see how far Salisbury's Mayor can be chunked?? Classic. I'm so there!!!

Anonymous said...

2:19-They have the deepest river in the world (for it's width)to chunk him in.

Anonymous said...

The deepest river for its width.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't chunking cupcakes be some kind of hate crime?

Anonymous said...

Honorable mayor Charlie, sometimes it may be a good idea to run your ideas by a friend or family member so that they can tell you privately how incredibly stupid they are before you go public with them.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Thanks alot 2:50am. My stomach now hurts so bad from rolling around and laughing my a** off.