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Saturday, January 19, 2013


JANUARY 22, 2013

1: 30 p. m. Further Discussion— Pay Classification Study
1: 55 p. m. Removal of Parking Spaces on Wayne Street
2: 20 p. m. Further Discussion— C[ P
3: 00 p. m. Break
3: 10 p. m. Further Discussion — Request for Reconsideration of a Payment Plan for Oasis Car Wash
3: 35 p. m. Vote to go into Closed Session, in accordance with Annotated Code of Maryland Section
10- 508( a)( 7)( 8), to consult with legal counsel for advice and with staff, consultants, or other
individuals about pending or potential litigation
4: l 5 p. m. General Discussion/ Upcoming agenda items
4: 30 p. m. Adjournment


Anonymous said...

When are they going to get rid of the acting fire chief. Don't you think a year of being on acting status is to long. It's obvious the man isn't wanted and isn't qualified.

Anonymous said...

He is qualified council wont vote on him because the mayor nominated him.

Anonymous said...

6:37, b.s. The mayor tells everyone that every time he doesn't get his way.

He's got his way plenty. It's time for him to take his drunken behavior home.

Anonymous said...

Need to get rid of TG too while they are at it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
He is qualified council wont vote on him because the mayor nominated him.

January 19, 2013 at 6:37 PM

He is not qualified and the mayor knows it. The mayor is only picking a fight with the council who was once his friends. Hoppes is also the laziest employee who has ever served in the Salisbury Fire Department.

The Council voted on Theresa Gardner, Jeff Simpson, Barbara Duncan and a few others so you statement doesn't make any sense.

Oh, by the way, what makes you think he is qualified to be a department head for the city?

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering why they are paying 3 to 4 paid firemen to ride the fire engine at the new fire palace and now 4 paid firemen to ride the million dollar ladder truck. Must be nice to get paid big bucks to sleep at night.