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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Corporate America Wants To Make It Harder For You To Retire

Following in the footsteps of CEOs who've organized the "Fix the Debt" campaign, which promotes raising the retirement age for Social Security, another corporate front group – the Business Roundtable – is calling for the same thing. They want to raise the retirement age for Social Security up to 70 years. Of course, just like "Fix the Debt", the Business Roundtable is made up of wealthy CEO,s who have little use for Social Security anyway – and will do just fine on their multi-million dollar nest eggs when they retire. But, fearing that they might see their taxes go up if the payroll tax cap was lifted to make Social Security more solvent, these executives would rather see Americans laying bricks until they're seventy-years-old. And for the record, this argument that Americans are living longer is bunk. While the wealthy who work non-physical jobs – like banksters – are indeed living longer – the working people in physical jobs have seen very few gains in average life expectancy. It's up to Democrats in Congress to protect Social Security – a program they created.


Anonymous said...

I thought I could retire , not so!
I am 70 years old and still Have to work. Thanks for the retirement your Highness obama.
Use your executive priviledge and give me a raise in my Social Security check , don't keep taking away from my deserved income.

Anonymous said...

It can be very hard for people in physical jobs to do those jobs once they get past 55. This will just screw more blue collar people out of getting benefits because if they take them at 62 the benefits will be even lower.

Anonymous said...

They should of executed every last one of them since they already had them together.