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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Daily Times Begins Campaign to Re-Elect Ireton

The Daily Times has officially kicked off its campaign to re-elect Salisbury mayor Jim Ireton and to replace incumbent councilwoman Debbie Campbell.  The DT and its "reporter" Jeremy Cox have shown in recent days that Ireton and his political ally Jacob Day (who is running for Campbell's seat) can say or do anything while be guaranteed positive coverage.  Albero can expect, at a minimum, that every wart will be exposed and his statements will be twisted to portray Albero in a negative light.  Simply look at the articles covering the three candidates' respective announcements.

Jim Ireton -

Ireton is portrayed as a "man on a mission".  According to the DT, Ireton can "tout a number of those accomplishments" but "he (Ireton) believes there’s still much left to do."

Ireton takes credit for a 40% reduction in crime along with several other accomplishments which have occurred during the last four years:

Some of the things that have taken place since Ireton’s entry into the Mayor’s Office include the creation of a tenant’s bill of rights, the demolitions of the Thrift Travel Inn and Linens of the Week buildings, a 40 percent reduction of violent crime rates over four years and a $16 million surplus in city funds.
 Of course, if the DT cared about accurate reporting rather than using its front page to pimp its own political agenda they would have INFORMED its readers of the following:

  • The idea to participate in the state's "Safe Streets" program (credited with having a major impact on the city's crime rate) came from council president Terry Cohen ... NOT Jim Ireton.
  • Ireton refused to take up improved police pay until AFTER the council took up the issue and Ireton risked political embarrassment.
  • Ireton wanted taxpayers to pick up the tab for the Thrift Travel Inn demolition.  It was the council, led by Debbie Campbell, which insisted that the bank which owned the property pay for the demolition.
  • The "Tenant's Bill of Rights" was, again, a council initiative ... NOT Ireton's.

What the Daily Times chose to OMIT is even more damning.

During his announcement Ireton made the outrageous statement that he had fulfilled all of his promised from his 2009 run for mayor:
When was the last time a politician could look you in the eye and tell you he did exactly what he promised when he ran for office? Well, I can and I’m proud of it.
If you simply look at Ireton's 2009 announcement (from November, 2008), it's a laundry list of promises made but not kept.  My personal favorite is his promise to engage in "civil debate".  I guess standing on street corner and calling council members "racists" is Jimmy's version of civility.

However, Ireton's current claim that he has not raised property taxes is possibly the most disturbing statement he has made recently.  The only reason property taxes are not higher is because the COUNCIL refused to raise property taxes.  Despite the fact that council gave Ireton almost every spending item he requested, he threatened to VETO the FY 2013 because he didn't get his tax hike.

Jacob Day -

A nice guy who supports Ireton's left-wing politics and simply wants to rubber stamp Ireton's every whim and folly, Jacob Day can count on full throttled support from Jeremy Cox and his employers in his quest to unseat Debbie Campbell:

One of the problems is the council majority, which includes Campbell, and its lack of vision for the city, Day said.
“I think we have a great example with the mayor, but he doesn’t have a partner on the City Council,” he said.

Either Day, who Cox attempts to portray as a cross between Superman and Cincinnatus, is grossly misinformed about city issues (at least I hope it is mere ignorance).  Time and again, the council has attempted to provide every one of Ireton's proposals a fair hearing.  How many times has Ireton CHOSE to hold a press conference and ATTACK members of council rather than simply sitting down with them and providing honest answers to honest questions.

As for "vision", Day should look at Campbell's work on the crime issue and her recent accomplishment regarding the former River's Edge condo project.  I have to assume that Day views Ireton's plan to turn valuable riverfront property into a subsidized housing project as "VISIONARY".

Joe Albero -

If you are Joe Albero, legitimate criticism of an opponent's public statements and public record is an "ATTACK".  If you are Joe Albero, a promise to sit down and work with the city council - NO MATTER WHO SITS IN THOSE FIVE CHAIRS - to move the city forward is being a "close ally".  If you are Joe Albero, being a successful serial entrepreneur who wants to make the city more business-friendly is being a "former owner of a light bulb manufacturing firm".  If you are Joe Albero, recognizing that a life-long government employee is ill-prepared to persuade businesses to invest in Salisbury's future is blaming a "part-time elementary school teacher".

If you are really interested what Joe Albero is running on, I would suggest that you read his announcement address.  I don't think that you'll find a balanced, accurate portrayal from Cox or his paper.

I am sure that Cox would claim that he is accurate in his reporting.  Well, if you ever saw the movie "Absence of Malice" you would know that there is a big difference between accuracy and truth.  There is also a little thing called "context".  If you compare the Albero piece to the articles on Ireton and Day you see a huge difference in tone.  If you are relatively well informed about Salisbury politics and policy, you would know that there are inaccuracies in all three articles.  When it comes to Ireton and Day, the Daily Times reverts to the "he said, she said" journalism it is best known for - wrap a statement, true or not in quotes and claim that you have no responsibility to research or or ask follow questions.  In the case of Albero, take even the most positive statements and shade them as negatively as possible.

I think the voters of Salisbury deserve better.  I wish our local paper should step up to the plate.  Call me Pollyanna.

G. A. Harrison is a guest contributor to SBYNews.


Patrick Manchin said...

Its a shame that most of the city of Salisbury residents dont follow and/or read what Ireton DOESNT accomplish. I personally dont want anyone thats a nimwit such as Ireton making important decisions that effect my beautiful city. I cant only be the one that feels this way, if thats so, then why dont we show our support for Mr. Albero. After meeting him, he completely changed what I thought of him. He is incredibly smart and goal driven. That is a mayor i want, not a childish smuck who cowers behind telephones with ignorant messages. Make Salisbury the truly great city it is, and support Joe!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with G.A. Harrison's point of view.
We have all read about Ireton's perpetual bullying tactics when he does not get his way or when people disagree with him. Nobody is flawless and everybody makes mistakes, but Ireton is too proud and selfish to admit that he is not perfect and he often makes excuses for his mistakes and denies making them.
What is also obviously clear to all of us is that The Daily Times is not very fond (to put it very lightly) of Albero, and is now resorting to unethical & immoral tactics in attempts to sabotage his character & credibility. This is done out of spite and vengeance and it is...PATHETIC.
Not only does Ireton need to be replaced because he does not (nor will he ever) possess the qualities required to be Salisbury's (or any type of) leader, MORE IMPORTANTLY...The Daily Times needs to replaced as MD's Lower Eastern Shore newspaper. They are truly an embarrassment to our region!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Day says the mayor doesn't have a partner in the city council.

Perhaps Mr. Day doesn't know that it was the mayor, Jim Ireton, who started attacking what should have been his partners first.

If that's the vision Mr. Day represents, that's not for me.

Where does this guy live? Is he related to the Michael Day who used to be on council?

The "news" article read like an endorsement on the editorial page, so the bias was hard to miss.

Anonymous said...

1:48, there's a Jacob Day on Riverbank Road and one on Druid Hill Ave.

Same age, same middle initial (, so I guess he is the one on Druid Hill Ave.

No idea if he related to the other Day you mention.

Anonymous said...

Poor Joe, you're already being dissed by the MSM.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Times does anyone even read that rag anymore? If so your about a week late on any news stories. Time to move on and save your money. I think most people get the real story right here on SBY NEWS

Anonymous said...

Jacob Day said this---

"I think we have a great example with the mayor, but he doesn’t have a partner on the City Council,” he said."

A great example with the mayor? Really Jacob?

I've watched the Sby council meetings on line from afar (worcester county) and have seen the mayor's press conferences and if Day thinks Sby has a "great example with the mayor" he is in LaLa Land. I've seen the mayor's fits, name calling, walking out of meeting and calling his staff (who he should not put in the middle) with him. That is NOT a great example. This speaks volumes about Day and his total lack of what amounts to honesty because an honest person would never think the mayor is a great example. Quite the contrary.

Andy In O.C. said...

2:35 - It does not appear to me as though Day is endorsing our Mayor. Let me explain...

There are several members on the council and what I interpret (and others should as well) that Day is clearly validating to all of us when he states that Ireton "doesn’t have a partner on the City Council” is that all of the Council members oppose Ireton because he is argumentative, incompatible & difficult to work with, which creates a contentious atmosphere and unproductive results.

So what I gather that Day is clearly declaring to all of us from his statement is that the problem lies within Ireton, NOT the City Council members which in turn makes Ireton a big...PROBLEM.

Anonymous said...

What uniform does Day have on in this picture? Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

From the DT/Cox article...
"...Salisbury News quickly expanded to other controversies and developed an apparently healthy following, if the dozens of reader comments on some posts are any indication."
(italics mine)
Apparently "dozens" of comments is a "healthy" number to the DT. If they got the number of comments that Sbynews did in one day, they'd build a Tiki bar for the alleged reporters and pat themselves on the back in an editorial.

Anonymous said...

G.A.-I have missed your commentary on any blog. You're a great writer-WELCOME BACK!

Anonymous said...

3:18 I'm pretty sure that it's a MD Army National Guard uniform.

Anonymous said...

318-Jakob is a Second Lieutenant in the US Army.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but there are two strikes against Day (just my opinion). First is being a 2nd Lt. (I classify that lower than a Private). He has been intensively trained and indoctrinated to FOLLOW orders, not to think for himself. Second is wearing his uniform to get elected. I would have more respect if he just classified himself as a "veteran". And YES I am a veteran-enlisted.

Anonymous said...

Day, as a newbie Army Reserve officer, WILL be called to active duty within the next couple of years for a tour in Afghanistan. What will the council do while he's gone for 9 months or a year and cannot attend meetings or know what's going on in the city?

G. A. Harrison said...

Anon 1502 -

You're kidding, right? I would think it was a good joke EXCEPT that Mr. Day says that Jim is a "good example".

This is one of the reasons that I have such little respect for the DT's city coverage (not just Jeremy, but his predecessors). They seem to view city news articles as an adjunct to the editorial page.

Anonymous said...

OLDEST TRICK IN THE BOOK! Divide and concur. IF you truly want Joe in office than concentrate all your efforts to make it so. Do not spend one moment or concern on Mr. Day. I lived in the city..but not today. What this campaign needs is volunteers willing to get out and put some shoe leather behind this effort. What has been going on in the city is shameful. Volunteer your time and change it.

Anonymous said...

Don't military regulations prohibit using his uniform for this purpose?? Must have changed regulations since I was a GI...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Day is a dangerous liberal who should be avoided as a public official, even if he were not trying to unseat the best member of the City Council in the past 15 years (since Carolyn Hall and Bob Caldwell).

Paul Adams said...

Go get him Joe the mayor is an embarrassment to Salisbury and the eastern shore.

Anonymous said...


Right on!

We don't need a Jim-Beau or a GI-Joe.

Anonymous said...

If Day thinks that Ireton is "great", he's either a liar or an idiot (or both).

Anonymous said...

Heard the liquor board came down hard on Mojo's for the Ireton situation in the ladies room. They told them if Ireton goes into the ladies room one more time they are taking their liquor license away immediately.

Anonymous said...


I think you mean if Day thinks Ireton is "great," then Day is an idiot; if he does not, then Day is a liar. Regardless, he is bad news.

Anonymous said...

Day is in ranger school and could be deployed over seas at any time. I'd never waste my vote on a risk like that.

Anonymous said...

just what kind of partner are we talking about here. think he should have used a better choice of words. not the words you use with a gay mayor

Anonymous said...

The media is covering up the Ireton scandal. I tried putting up comments on WBOC and WMDT about Ireton in the bathroom and they won't publish it. On the other hand they are letting negative comments about Joe up. I will never buy a product from their advertisers again.

Anonymous said...

Wait, being in the military reserves is now a reason NOT to vote for someone? What have we become as a country if service to your nation is seen a detriment?

Anonymous said...

Local msm take heed to what u see here! ..we know you look! we the supporters of Joe n Debbie will use our power to inform your advertisers of why we will not patronize any bussiness that supports you!!!! n DT is at the top of the list...everyone!!! follow my lead!! found out who advertises n call them!!!! inform the local n corporate offices that DT/Gannet is no longer welcome here ..n 4:39 s approach will cover the ones still in the stone age with no internet or heads in the sand...inform the ignornant

Anonymous said...

It is a known fact that The Daily Times, WBOC & WMDT all view Joe as their adversary. I foresee all 3 excluding any positive publicity about Joe.
All of them support Jim Ireton and will most likely attempt to brainwash their readers/viewers to vote for Ireton via their BS propaganda so it is up to me and all of Joe's other supporters to justifiably inform & influence others to vote for the best candidate!

Anonymous said...

Is Day the same goof-ball with that name that was on the Council a few years ago?

Anonymous said...

5:38 is telling the truth.
Something must be done in order for the TRUTH to be exposed & for JUSTICE to prevail!!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever Day's reasons for being a warrior, that activity could conflict with his being on the City Council. We have an outstanding member in Ms. Campbell, so why should we vote for Day?

Anonymous said...

GA -

Glad you are no longer an Ireton supporter like you once were -- me too -- great minds think alike.

Anonymous said...


That was someone else -- this is another goofball with that last name.

JoeAlbero said...

Keep in mind. I stated quite some time ago that IF I lost this election I would give up on Salisbury, sell my properties and move to the Carolina's. The local MSM would LOVE to see Joe Albero go away. It just goes to prove that they will not show support for the best candidate. Come on now, seriously, look back at my speech. I am a man of my word. I am one of the hardest workers with proven success then any one out there you might know. I will take that part time job and make it full time. I will know every in and out in the City and I will NOT depend on John Pick or any one else to hand feed me information just before a meeting, I don't work like that. IF the city taxpayers want a speaker that can wow them with you know what, vote for Jim Ireton. If the city taxpayers want an honest representative that will tell them the TRUTH, they'll vote for me. Salisbury residents need to stop burying their heads in the sand. We have unbelievable infrastructure problems. Jim doesn't want to talk about it because he's done next to nothing but bandaide repairs when something breaks in his 4 years in office. Oh sure, he'll want to talk about the issues NOW because he's trying to remain Mayor. He'll attack me calling me a Delaware Blogger because he has NOTHING to show for his 4 years in Office. Has your street been repaved????? Open your eyes. Money is being blown on ridiculous projects. Ireton claims there's a $16,000,000.00 surplus, where's the pay increases for City Employees? Where's the new Police Cars? Where's the new state of the art radios for the Police Department. You know, the ones that actually work with the State Police and the WCSO? Oh, that's right, the Fire Department got those.

Yeah, Joe Albero runs a gossip blog, right? OK, do tell me how I'm gossiping on everything I just stated here? Like I told the Press yesterday, the TRUTH hurts and some people just can't face truth or fact. Clearly we all know ONE person who absolutely cannot. Let me close with this. Do ANY of YOU believe I'm a Delaware Blogger? I am more financially invested in the City of Salisbury then Jim Ireton will probably ever be. My Office for Salisbury News has been Downtown for at least 5 years and MANY of you have come to my Office to visit. Remember Chief Webster. Remember the camera that was placed across the street from my building years ago. How long has Webster been gone? I have been in Salisbury for MANY years and I am no Delaware Blogger and Jimmy knows that.

ANYONE who allows that to be published is spreading a lie.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of this person's Service, he only brings government employment experience to the table. If you are happy with what that has/is providing you, vote for him. Maybe this is how we ended up with an elected Congress that only 18% approve?

Anonymous said...

1. This Day is too young to have been the Day who served on council before. That was Michael Day. Debbie Campbell won his seat in 2005.

2. While I respect Mr. Day's service to his country, if he is active for being called, I do see that as a problem. We already had 2 to 2 gridlock with the extended absence of Gary Comegys.

3. Young Mr. Day may be wonderful and accomplished, but his assessment that somehow the lack of partnership is the fault of the council member he seeks to replace worries me. Has he ever talked to Mrs. Campbell about it? If not, why not? If he is not interested in other points of view, then he would for that reason alone be a terrible replacement (I can think of others mainly because Mrs. Campbell's insight and experience would be terrible to lose.)

I have sometimes disagreed with Mrs. Campbell, but I have always found to be interested in other viewpoints and very good at explaining her own. Just at first glance, Mr. Day's fine qualities are now meaningless to me because he cites as his reason to run as being to support a mayor who frankly owes me my vote back.

Also, to tell the truth, I could not stand Mr. Albero at first. But I have come here over the years and watched him on PAC14 and I feel like I have watched a man really grow. Ireton, on the other, has not advanced from the petulant child he was as a young man (about Day's age) serving on council before. I do believe if anything, he has gotten worse.

My wife says I have to get off to watch the 7:00 news and apologize for being so wordy. I will and I do.

Anonymous said...

Our elected Government at all levels has been able to convince many voters that voter loss of influence in the direction of Government is the result of anyone but them. Not true unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Some of the things that have taken place since Ireton’s entry into the Mayor’s Office include the creation of a tenant’s bill of rights, the demolitions of the Thrift Travel Inn and Linens of the Week buildings,

And just how LONG did that take?

a 40 percent reduction of violent crime rates over four years and a $16 million surplus in city funds.
If either one of those is true, why don't people feel safe at night in this city?

If it's true Salis. has 16 million in surplus, why are we just finding out about it now?

Why are we still needing things if the money is there?

Why hasn't the police been given living wages,(for what they do), proper equipment, incentives to stay in the city's police dept. instead of leap frogging to other agencies?

Come on now. Does this group of people, liarton, day, wboc, dt and others really think we are that stupid and blind?

Just because they say something does not make it true. In fact, their past history makes me skeptical of anything that comes from that camp of being true.

Sorry Lt. Dan, being in NG, if true, does make you a liability, not an asset.

I was in the Salis. unit years ago and I know first hand some of the politics that go on there. Things might have changed since then, I have no idea. But I doubt it.

BTW, does being an elected official make one exempt from deployment?

Seems to me this election is a no brainer. You can vote for betterment of your city or you can keep the same old crap you have had for the past 4 years.

Anonymous said...


I just tried to read liartons statement. I couldn't get past 2-3 paragraphs. This guy is a freakin nut.

He is trying to compare us with colonists in the 1700's? City hall with the crown?!

Liarton, not only should you NOT be mayor, of ANY city, but you shouldn't be allowed to speak in public.

Put on some lip gloss and move to rehobeth. You fit in there, not here.

And learn the differences between the signs for the men's bathroom and the ladies. Although technically you might qualify for each.

Anonymous said...

So, if Jim has "no one on the Council" that agrees with him, that must include Okey Dokey Shanie Shields and Laura Mitchell think he's worthless as well? It sounds to me like only the newspaper is "On His Side" LOL!

Anonymous said...

to 6:02....
heads in the sand? ignorance? When you want to win a major campaign you MUST press the flesh. Yes it is old school but why then do presidential candidates spend so much time in swing states shaking hands and kissing babies. And sadly....if you ask the average 7th grade child or 30 yr old about what is going on in government on the local (or national) level they don't even know if there was a debate held. Don't under estimate the personal touch. Come to think of it ....I just answered your two comments. Ignorance and heads in sand. Sad isn't it? I urge people to become involved because it has never mattered more.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! This Jacob Day fellow lives on the same street as Terry Cohen!

Wonder if he's running expecting not to beat Debbie Campbell, but 1) to serve as some credibility for Ireton (who has none now) and/or 2) to get name recognition for running to replace Cohen in 2015.

In Salisbury, nothing is what it seems.

I think the same was said about Wonderland.

Anonymous said...

7:46 PM

I think you need to re-read his comment. He said exactly what you said.

Anonymous said...

Joe, I may not live in Salisbury but will be rooting for you to win. The best of luck to you and I know you will do the right things to turn Salisbury around. You have what most politicians don't, common sense. I see big things ahead.

Anonymous said...

No one reads the daily times anyhow...lolol

Anonymous said...

im extremely curious on a couple of things. Are people in Salisbury this stupid that they want someone like Jim Ireton for mayor? I mean seriously..this guy is an arrogant hot tempered jerk... and goes around to local establishment drinking and partying it up... then getting so stupid that he causes problems that he does.. the phone call to Joe, following women into a bathroom... and this is what people call a good mayor?? No, this is a menacing child with too much authority that he likes to throw around and abuse..also.. does anyone not see the sickness and crazed mentality of this political figure? I'm quite concerned why there isnt a lawsuit against the establishment for not doing better to protect its patrons. I would also be pressing charges against Jim Ireton for his lewd acts and the harassment these women had to endure.Also, the establishment should have banned Jim Ireton for this behavior or it says they either condone it or dont care about their patrons. One more thing..last but not least and all the more disturbing...this man teaches children...doesnt his behavior speak volumes? Why would anyone trust this lunatic with children?

Anonymous said...

A liberal ranger? Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Jacob Day lives on Druid Hill, right down the street from Terry Cohen. I seem to remember Jim Ireton and his minions always stirring up the fact that the council majority comes from Camden. So what is it, you want a majority from Camden or you don't? I can't keep up with all of this whip lash, mind changing that comes out of City Hall.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Times must be out to get Debbie Campbell again. I hear she filed, but the Daily Times still hasn't covered her filing.

Their best days are Sunday and Wednesday, so they will probably stick her on a day nobody reads it.

11:50, you can scoff, but a lot of older voters still read - and worse - believe what's written in that rag. Last year, after many years, I canceled.

Anonymous said...

G.A., my point is that Day's statement that Ireton-"doesn't have a partner on the City Council" clearly relays to all of us that Ireton is difficult (and perhaps IMPOSSIBLE) to work with.
Furthermore, what Day also CLEARLY is relaying to us is that he is Ireton's "Minionated Puppet" and is teaming up with Ireton in their feeble attempt to be united as "partners."
Being a Mayor 'ain't about developing a SOLE relationship with a "partner", it's about establishing a SOLID & productive relationship with ALL of the Council members and "TEAMWORK!" Ireton is WAY too selfish and SERIOUSLY lacks the qualities of a Leader to be Salisbury's Mayor.
Being a Mayor is a GROUP effort with the Council and there's no "I" in "TEAM"...remember!?

Anonymous said...

The time is NOW for a CHANGE in the RIGHT direction, MOT the LEFT (wing) direction that Ireton wholeheartedly intends to steer Salisbury towards!!!

Anonymous said...

You'd be a fool to vote for Jacob Day simply based on his previous attendance record in publicly held positions. Day is the kind of person who enjoys taking on more than he can actually handle. Look at his resume on under "Service." Current positions held are:

*SBY/Wico Planning Commission
*Habitat for Humanity
*SBY Board of Zoning Appeals
*Wicomico Natural Resources Conservation Committee
*Friends of the Bennett Memorial Garden

Now go look at his attendance records for those seats. He has been absent far more than he has been present. You'll quickly see that he's not committed to this community based on his lack of involvement for the positions he signs up for. While his service to our nation in the Army is certainly appreciated and respected, it removes him from his ability to serve our local community; often times at a moment's notice. Who's to say that he would attend council meetings regularly if elected? His track record proves otherwise.

You'll also see that he likes to initiate projects in a leadership role that are so grandiose that they exist in perpetuity without completion. He tends to slam environmental policy down our throats as well with his planning education focusing in environmental issues and urban planning.

So I ask you to sit back and look at what Jacob Day has done for our community. You will find that he is a scholar with ideal thoughts but without real world experience. He hops from one personal goal to the next going from earning his BS from 2000-2004, to his masters in 2006-2007, to another masters in 2007-2008, to the military in 2009-present all while holding a full time position among several employers from 2004 to the present. What time is left for him to contribute to our local issues? NONE!

Bottom line, if you want another empty seat on council then by all means vote for Jacob Day, if you want somebody who is truly committed to our community then he certainly isn't your guy.

Anonymous said...

I really don't see Debbie having a problem getting enough votes. The same people that voted for her in the last election will vote for her again, Ireton can't say that.

Anonymous said...

Day really looks like the goofball that he is!

Anonymous said...

Campbell is strong, but don't forget Ireton and Mitchell joined forces with the Louise Smith-Mike Dunn-SAPOA clan. Anyone who supports Campbell better really get behind her or they may get a bad surprise.

I can't vote in Salisbury, but I watch what goes on. Campbell is the best council person in decades and she has done it despite being bashed by the bad guys at every moment. The woman deserves a lot of respect for what she has done and how she has held up.

Anonymous said...

AMEN 12:10!!!
What is also ver disturbing is that The Daily Times, WBOC and WMDT all appear to be endorsing this Clown.
What a PATHETIC trio group of MSM we have hear on MD's Lower Eastern Shore!
Their condoning of the mayor's behavior SCREAMS Volumes to us regarding their lack of integrity and professionalism.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone so concerned with where Day lives? If the majority of residences in the city limits were reputable neighborhoods, we would probably get a better spread. Are you upset there are no Church Street candidates? No West Rd folks coming up to bat? Where do you expect a decent candidate to come from?! And the entire equation needs to be changed. We need a young councilman to open SBY up to new views, to get away from the brain drain. I know how this entire site feels about Ireton, and i dont agree with a lot of what he does, but he does do SOMETHING. He got out of his chair, from behind his computer, ran for Mayor, and made a difference (debatable as to if it was a good or bad difference). But nevertheless, he did something. Other than spread your opinion on a blog, what have the rest of you done for Salisbury?? Salisbury needs change.