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Friday, January 11, 2013


In his campaign propaganda (and that’s what it is, folks) Mr. Ireton suggests that he is responsible for the fact that the City’s tax rate has not increased during his term as Mayor.

Well, this is from today’s issue:

“Despite pressure at times from Mayor Jim Ireton to raise taxes, the City Council majority, led by fiscal guru Debbie Campbell, stood firm and imposed program cuts instead.”

And that’s why the City has those surplus funds that Ireton is trying to take credit for.

In the future we will have more to say about his aversion to the truth. In the meantime, don’t get too close to his nose.


Anonymous said...

16 million surplus?


Anonymous said...

Funny thing is, when I first read this, I thought "what program got cut out" because we still have all the services we always had.

Then I figured out that the lamebrain reporter meant reductions or cuts to programs.

This is screwed up anyway because if the reporter did any homework at all, he would know this last budget was spared a tax increase because Debbie Campbell found revenues that were under reported. The council gave Mr. Spend It All pretty much everything he asked for.

Remember how he then tried to spend every penny Campbell found so he'd still have to raise taxes?

Get this clown out!

Anonymous said...

Was this in the DT's?

On another note the DT's is going to do a feature on why Sby can't attact any "upscale retailer" and they use Harris Teeter as an example. Why Harris Teeter? Yes it's a nice store but it sells the same old tired stuff as any other grocery store. There is nothing "upscale" about Harris Teeter. They sell seafood from the same 3rd world countries as other stores, Coke products, Kraft products, etc.
Anyway what would it take to attact a Whole Foods? That's upscale and not only that but you will not find any of the large food manufactures products in Whole Foods. They truly buy from what can be called true Family Farms and Cottage industries. They help the local economy buy buying from small local mom and pop shops.

Anonymous said...

Whole Foods would be a win win situation. A family in Pocomoke sells them their free range eggs. Instead of Ireton trotting off to the democratic convention and other useless ventures he should have been out courting the CEO's of these types of retailers and other companies. Inviting them to the area and taking them on a tour to promote all of our great features in an attempt to entice them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe...just out of curiosity, is a debate between you and Liarton possible?
This would be a great means to expose more of his deceitfulness and lies to the voters.
I STRONGLY suggest you challenge him to a debate.

Anonymous said...

Joe, think you might want to leave that one alone (Ref: to 12:32)

You , for sure , would want to "reach out & touch him" should he throw one of his hissy fits! I can hardly stand to look at him ----You look better in the "light you stand in now" rather then being supjected to his stupid remarks.

Anonymous said...

If you debate Irenton I would like to have the concessions to sell "Snickers" and "Whine,,,, i mean wine" '' twinkies" and "ham" there will be a lot of that sold there!

Anonymous said...

Dee twice in one day the DT has your approval.

1. USA Today article
2. Proving Jimbo wrong