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Friday, January 11, 2013

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 1-11-13

jeremy norton said...

To the comment about aqua- unfortunate circumstances have split the partnership that operated aqua. Essentially the team that was running the bar part of the restaurant was unhappy with a few things and decided to leave. Fortunately the party that left was just a "bar management" company and has no legal impact or association with aqua. My last chat with Phil - owner of aqua and the plaza deli was that he would be reopening both places next week.


Anonymous said...

sure Phil.

Anonymous said...

Heard a story recently about visiting the bar area at Aqua for dinner and drinks and observed the owner, in front of a few customers, loudly curse an employee, a cook, regarding her job performance. It was said the the cook was close to tears. My friends were so turned off by the owners attitude toward his employee ans apparent disrespect for his customers that they will never return. I must say, it has influenced me to the degree that I'm not sure I'll eat there now. I hope the owner will consider his actions when he reopens. This is not good business!

P off X cust said...

He is a joke open and closing just shows BAD ownership and he will not last.

Anonymous said...

We went there for dinner just before Christmas and were terribly disappointed, first off you couldn't tell who was working and who was a customer, the servers were wearing just regular street wear. We were sat in the dining area looking out to the street , it was so dark in there we had to use the flashlight app on our phones to read the menu, all of the tea lights were burnt out and our server just shrugged it off. The side salad was over flowing on the plate making it impossible to cut without it falling all over the table, the entree was just so so, the chicken breast was so huge that I actually forgot it was stuffed until I happened upon the cheese and spinach way at the bottom and the dessert was ridiculous, a little puffed pastry with about 2 cups of whipped cream. Total overkill.
I was so hoping that down town Salisbury had a new viable restaurant / bar option, but maybe not.

Anonymous said...

This place will NEVER reopen.
The so-called owner has screwed every business person that ever associated with him.
This guy is poison!!!!!!!!